We Are Stardust – Are We all Made of Stardust ?

We are stardust ? Have you ever wondered where you came from ? I mean the stuff thats inside your body, like your bones, organs and muscles. We know these are made from various atoms and molecules. These little ingredients where did they come from ? how these ingredients were made will also reveal our physical origin. To find the answers we have to go back when the universe was very different then it is now. Although the physics how the universe works is the same.


We Are Stardust – Children of The Stars

After the Big Bang the early universe expanded for about 3 seconds then cooling down to a state where the subatomic particles assembled into atoms. The first atoms to form were the hydrogen atoms since they are simplest type of atom. There is only one proton within the hydrogen atoms, making it the number one on the periodic table for elements.we are stardust

After about 300 million years, the universe aged a little. The hydrogen atoms began to cluster together from the force of gravity. As these cluster of hydrogen atoms grew in size, the pressure at the center grew in size as well.

As the temperature reached 15 million degrees F, the immense pressure causes the hydrogen to fuse their nuclei with each other. This process is called Nuclear Fusion. Naturally the positively charged nuclei repelled each other. However with such high pressure and temperature, the nuclei is moving fast to smash collectively and fuse.

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The fusion ceases after the star has created enough iron, and the core of the star starts to cool. At this point the hot core of the star is erupting outwards and stopping gravity from collapsing the star.

we are stardust 2

Now the star is very cool at core and the core is no longer expanding, now the gravity rapidly collapse the star. So now the star implodes with energy to fuse atoms into higher elements like, gold, Uranium, Krypton etc.

When the star collapse very rapidly, the implosion releases massive amount of energy which explodes the star. This is known as the supernova. According to many astrophysicist, they are still not certain how a supernova explodes. Hopefully one day they can figure it out. The remains from the exploded supernova travel through the universe, again to cluster together with other stardust and give birth to a new star. This is how our universe works.

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