Having the whale spirit animal means that you have wells of emotional resilience, inner wisdom and value family above all else.

It can also help you to pay attention to your need to recharge and aids in reconnecting with loved ones.

Whales are the biggest animals on the planet, and their symbolism holds the key to your success on your path.

Emotional Resilience

The whale spirit animal belongs to incredibly resilient people.

Whales dive deep in the ocean, withstanding pressure and managing to hold their breath for up to an hour and a half at a time.

The debth symbolises your resilience under pressure and your ability to keep yourself together, even in the darkest depths.

However, even whales have to surface eventually. The whale spirit animal reminds you to take the pressure off of yourself before your resilience runs out.

It is not unlimited, no matter how much willpower you can muster.

Gentle Strength

Whales are peaceful creatures, feeding mostly on plankton and krill while cruising the world’s oceans.

But if needed, a whale could capsize a boat with a swipe of its tail.

The swipe with one flick symbolises possessing strength with the intent of peace.

That means foregoing aggression and conflict, opting instead for cooperation and kindness.

There have been numerous cases of whale families helping other whales who are injured or disabled when they are unable to find enough food.

In doing so, they win a new member of their community. By showing kindness and generosity to others, you can win allies to help you achieve your goals as you assist with theirs.

Family & Community

Whales are family-oriented and tend to live in social groups consisting of their extended relatives.

These communities are tight-knit and do not abandon each other.

Your whale spirit animal stresses the importance of these close family ties and the responsibility that comes with having a family.

Whales who find themselves separated from their communities often run into trouble quite quickly and require assistance to reunite with them.

Without your community, you will struggle to find peace and balance.

The people closest to you motivate much of what you do, so allowing family relationships to break down or fade can sap you of the drive needed to achieve your dreams.

Reconnecting & Communication

When we guide lost whales back to their community, we are helped greatly by whale calls.

Whales can communicate with each other over huge distances, their unique songs identifying them to their relatives.

The sonar calls symbolise the importance of communication, and of being the one to initiate contact with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

When you identify most strongly with your whale spirit animal, it may be because you are yearning to reconnect with a loved one.

Maybe a close friend or family member moved away, and you don’t speak so much anymore, or perhaps you have argued with someone you care about, and you aren’t in a good place.

Reaching out is not always easy, but if beloning to a community is worth so much then reconnecting with people is worth the effort.