What Are The False Twin Flame Signs?

When you are searching for your twin flame you may across a false twin flame. The false twin flame will showcase the same characteristics of a true twin, however the relationship is very draining. The false twin will manifest in the same way as the true twin. Listed below are false twin flame signs.

8 False Twin Flame Signs

The first false twin flame signs is the apparent energy in a sexual nature. We have mentioned before that the true nature of twin flame union is more spiritual than it’s physical. When the sexual chemistry is off through the roof, and your urge is to merge with them sexually all the time, then it’s a false twin flame.



Most of the time you are emotionally drained when you are with this person or even when you communicate with them. They are feeding on your energy, which leaves you exhausted and even confused. If your the one who is always giving and they are always receiving. Within a true twin flame relationship there is balance, so the energy is always equally shared.false twin flame signs 1

Another false twin flame signs, is that they will make excuses not to be around you, when they have got their fill they and will distance them selves. They need this emotional or physical separation, to go onto others who may be interested, so they need a mixture of energy from people to keep them in the full light. When they need the energy from you, they will be back for more.

False twin flame is the true player of the manipulation game. They are master of throwing attention towards you to get you back in their energy and when you feel safe again, they just disappear wanting you to chase. They will block your calls, ignore your emails, cancel dates and change plans and disappear. This leaves you feeling bad and this energy feeds them.



False twin flame will be in your dreams. The dreams are very realistic, it seems like they have traveled to be in your dream. These dreams always have a message. When you are awake up, you will try to decipher the dream, which will always drain your energy when you are trying to make sense of it.false twin flame signs 2

When you are in a true twin flame connection, there isn’t any need to worry about the relationship, twin flames understand the connection. When your with a false twin, you will most likely worry about them all the time or even stalk them. When you are worrying about a twin flame relationship, then its not true twin flame.



Another false twin signs is that they will never be emotionally available to you, they tend to put up blocks, not allowing you see them for who they truly are. True twin flame partner will not hide anything from you.

When a false twin flame is bored of your energy and you don’t have anything to give them, they will often disappear and move on.



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