A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer knows they are dreaming. It is the awareness of the happening in the dream. Knowing that you are dreaming improves your dream clarity many folds.

Thus, for the ones who want to take advantage of it, this dream becomes their platform for creation. As it is a dream, there are no rules, and you can fly sky high or take a journey to the centre of the earth; that’s what provides the spiritual benefits of lucid dreaming.

It is experiencing living as just your soul, with no body. Just as you would be if you were dead and vibrating in the 4th, 5th or even 6th dimension.

People have been having lucid dreams since the beginning of their creation, but the art of controlling it dates back to 1000 years. It is also known as Tibetan Dream Yoga. In these dreams, you have the power to control. Spirituality plus lucid dreaming increase the awareness of the mind.

When a person becomes lucid in a dream, they are aware that, in actual, they are sleeping in bed.

The dream appears as an illusion. According to the world of spirituality, we are asleep in the real world, and everything is happening by default.

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We need to wake up to see our surroundings more clearly – to know who we are and what the purpose of our lives is. Also, in the physical world, we all are connected. The Same thing is happening in a lucid dream. There are characters, but they are the part of the brain and showing some traits of ours.

The topmost spiritual benefits of lucid dreaming are learning the state you are in actuality. Mastering the lucid dreaming helps a person to understand that he is dreaming and whatever is happening is not true. In other words, we could say that he could decipher the hidden codes of dreams and go to an awakened state.

The same happens in real life with the person. Lucid dreams teach them to understand the reality of the world and their position in it. It helps in awakening and trains you to open your eyes to physical reality.

All in all, no matter whether you practice spirituality or not; lucid dreams are the gateways to awareness. The more lucid dreams you see, the calmer and sharper you will become.

Another spiritual benefit of lucid dreaming is that you could practice different things in the dream that could help you in the 3-D world. For instance, if you want to bring people towards you, practice that in the dream and apply it in real life.

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Lucid dreams help you to understand how the universe works. They also tell you who you are and what you need to do to become better than before. They open new possibilities and traits that you are unaware of in the physical world.

With little practice, any one could get the spiritual benefits of the lucid dreaming. The first step to do so is start meditation in the physical world. And once you master it, try to meditate in your dream as well to see even clearer than ever.