People ask what causes chemistry between two people?

There were many occasions were you developed an unknown bond with someone. It is a question you may have wondered yourself.

Humans have a chemical connection. Like the molecular bond, when you studied chemistry in school.

It is the bond that attracts two people. Two people connect together, when there is chemistry between them.

In this chemistry, it’s well-known that chemicals have a specific type of property. For them to bond together.

The same is the case in human beings. The cause of chemistry between two people is the presence of certain factors. As shown below:


Attraction could be of two types: physical and mental. Physical attraction is a romantic attraction.

Humans are animals as well, and every animal wants to have an attractive partner to mate with.

But, the chemistry between two people could also spark if they feel attracted on a mental level.

For instance, if you are a geek. You will like a partner who has some knowledge of what you do, you won’t go for the beauty without a good brain.


Similarities between two people become important as well. Which could be the reason for the initiation of their relationship.

It is a common notion that opposites attract. But in human chemistry, similar traits are the most significant cause of attraction.

It happens because we are comfortable with the person who are like us. Being understood is important, which gives you the sense of security.

It is also about compatibility; similar interest, similar habits and needs.


When two people are comfortable with each other, they can share their views, ideas and perspective.

They can be open in front of each other, and the power to understand each other will bring them closer.

If there’s a communication gap between two people, it is impossible to have chemistry of any kind.

Once chemistry reaches maturity, communication will not only depend on words and sentences. One could understand the other without saying a thing.


To even get attracted to a person for the first time, there should be some mystery.

If a person seems mysterious to you, your brain will secrete a chemical called dopamine.

According to a research. The increased dopamine levels will force you to explore the person. Because it will give you a sense of pleasure and relief when you do so.

Once you start knowing them, your brain will feel good and you want to know more.

This will lead to the development of chemistry between two unknown people.

Sincerity and Trust:

Sincerity in any relationship can function as the catalyst that increases the rate of reaction.

When a person trusts someone, only then will they be able to build chemistry.

You feel more open and want to share more when there is sincerity and trust.

Other than these essential factors. Mutual respect, understanding, and friendship are also necessary. To develop a chemistry between two people.

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