Every being with a soul has an aura. We even see some objects with particular emotional significance can also have auras!

An aura is an energetic field that surrounds all of us at all times, serving as a representation of our energies.

Because of this, the colour of your aura can tell you a lot about yourself.

So if you want to know what colour your aura is and what your aura colour means, keep reading!

What Is My Aura Colour?

To find out what your aura colour is, you have two options.

The first – and easiest – option is to get a professional reading.

Having someone with experience read your aura is going to be more effective than learning to read your own.

However, not everybody has access to an experienced aura reader, so there are techniques you can use.

Results may vary though, as some people have a natural gift at reading aura colours than others.

To see your own aura, sit or stand in front of a full-length mirror in dim lighting with a blank wall in the background and look off to the side a bit.

The goal is to have your reflection in your peripheral vision, just out of focus.

Your aura will appear as a faint glow of colour surrounding your entire body.

The actual aura extends up to six feet, but you will likely only see the fraction of it closest to your skin.

What Does My Aura Colour Mean?

Once you know the colour of your aura, you can find out what your aura colour can tell you about yourself and your current state.

Red. You are fearless, brave and have an affinity for the physical world and are tactile with things.

Confident and sometimes brazen, you succeed in positions of leadership and power but have trouble keeping your temper in check.

Pink. You are sensitive, both in an emotional sense and in an empathic sense. Gentle, you provide a calming and comforting presence for those around you.

Orange. You are highly social and probably an extrovert, though not necessarily.

People drive you, with relationships taking number one priority. You excel as part of a team but can get down if isolated.

Yellow. You are highly intelligent and bring the best out in others.

People often see you as an inspiring figure and find themselves wanting to do things to impress you. Careful though, that kind of power can drive egos and narcissism.

Blue. You are independent and self-assured, valuing self-expression above all else.

While you respect the views of others, you put enough thought into your own beliefs that you are usually sure of yourself. However, you can be prone to stubbornness.

Purple. You are psychically and spiritually gifted. This aura colour signifies latent psychic power and high spiritual sensitivity.

There are many more aura colours and many more shades than we can fit here. Check out our other articles for your specific aura colour.

Now that you know what your aura colour means, what next?

Well, remember that auras change. Your aura colour is only a representation of who you are right now.

So decide if you like your aura colour and what it says about you. And if you don’t, then go ahead and make the changes needed in your life to get the colour you want!