What Do Your Fingers Say About You?

Does Each of your finger carry its own meaning ?

Just like your palms, the fingers on your dominant hand commonly showcase your personality and work. The fingers on your less dominant hand relates to your behavior at home and in close relationships. You should know that everyone has some strong fingers and some weak ones. The stronger the finger the more you are likely to exemplify the traits.what does your fingers say about you

Here are the characteristics for each digits.


Thumb: Means your drive to succeed.

Index Finger: Vision, influence, power and authority.

Middle finger: Security, growth, accountability and wisdom.

Ring Finger: Self expression, creativity, you desire to be in the spotlight.

Pinkie: How you communicate.


So How can I tell which fingers are strong which ones are weak ?

If the finger is tall and straight then its strong. However if the finger is bent, crooked, leaning towards another, bending forward, or it has areas which are damaged then they are weak.

What about the shape of the finger tip ?

Rounded Fingertips: You are some one who likes harmony and stays clear of disapproval.

Flat or square fingertips: You are some one who strives for precision and dislike vagueness.

Spatulate fingertips, like broad and flared: You love originality and dislike any routine.

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Pointed fingertips: You are someone who loves the mystical rather than practical affairs.

What about The Space between the fingers ?

Yes of course. If you place your hands on a flat surface, or you hold them up in the air. If your fingers are widely spread apart, then you are someone who is independent and love new experiences. However if your fingers are tightly held together then you someone who is cautious and guarded.

If the middle fingers are spread apart then you don’t follow the popular opinion. If they are closed together then you are someone who bends to societies rules. Also look at the space between your pinkie and ring finger, if its really wide then you are dodging conversation and your relationships are suffering. However if they an average space apart, compare them to a friends…then you are an independent thinker.

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