A shooting star. Popular wisdom says that if we see one we should wish upon it and that wish will come true.

It is a sentiment likely passed to us from our parents and grandparents, as it was given to them from theirs.

The truth is, wishing on a shooting star is unlikely to make that wish come true. The universe does not work like that, at least most of the time.

But that sentiment does not just come from anywhere. When we witness a shooting star, it does mean something. It is a sign from the universe.

And so we might find ourselves asking: What does a shooting star represent?

We Will Soon Realise A Dream

Okay, so wishing on a shooting star probably will not work. But the appearance of one, and our witnessing of it signals a coming realisation of a dream we hold close to our hearts.

We do not need to wish it; we simply need to recognise the sign.

A promotion we have been working for, a project we have poured our heart into, a relationship we have worked hard to cultivate – all of these things may be coming to fruition very soon!

The shooting star is a messenger from the universe to pursue these things with a renewed vigour.

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A message to say that we are so very close, that chance is on our side if only we would reach out and take what we want.

Spirit Contact

Another reason we may see a shooting star is a different sort of message entirely, though the content of the message is likely to be very similar.

A shooting star might be a message from someone who has passed from this life.

This is often the case if we are already thinking of someone who has passed when we witness the shooting star.

When we think of someone we love, whether their physical body has perished or not, we establish a psychic connection with them. We can ask them questions or just take comfort in being with them.

But those who have passed have an uncanny sense of timing, and if they wish to deliver to you a message of comfort, of hope, or of encouragement, one common way they can do this is by answering you via the appearance of a shooting star.

A Cosmic Shove

Finally, the shooting star can be a far more practical thing – a cosmic shove along your spiritual journey.

The reason we were always told to wish upon a shooting star was never that it would come true. Again, that is not how the universe works.

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The reason we were always told to wish is far more straightforward – the fleeting nature of the shooting star allows us only a second to decide what it is we want more than anything in the world.

And in that second, we discover what we want. Not what our physical mind desires, but what our soul needs for its unique journey. Without the time to think, our soul reveals itself to us unfiltered.

And that is the real gift of the shooting star – it allows us to discover, in an instant, the deepest desire to manifest.