What does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly? This question is becoming a phenomenon.

Each night you fall asleep soundly. However there is one problem, you keep seeing the same person in your dreams.

You either love the person or hate them. Seeing them repeatedly every night in your dream is perplexing.

You might think this is just a happenstance, but could there be a more profound significance regarding this recurring dream?

What does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly?

From all dreams books you have read, you should know by now that dreams hold a deeper significance.

Seeing the same person all the time in your dream can also be just random.

Scientists believe dreams are just random electrical signals. However, psychologists think that dreams have other symptoms and come from your subconscious mind.

It brings out your feelings and desires into your dream state. Your dreams show you what you are focusing on daily.

If you see someone getting hurt in your dreams, indicates you are worried about them.

If you dream that you are intimately close to someone. This signifies you have a crush on them.

Now that we know that dreams are from your subconscious mind. There could be many reasons why you might see the same person.

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They might have played a role in your life. You might have felt protected by them.

Your dreams show that was a great feeling and that’s what you need in your life now.

You could dream of someone all the time because they have a quality you want in your life.

You might dream of your ex all the time, but you know that relationship ended badly and you don’t like them anymore.

You see them because you desire romance in your life, the closest memory your subconscious can pull is your ex.

They could be someone you see every day like a coworker. The setting of your dream might be where you work so you might see them in your dream.

If you obsess about someone, then it’s likely you will dream about them.

When You Don’t Recognise Them

Statistics suggest that almost half the people that will appear in your REM dreams you won’t recognise.

Maybe you have seen that person somewhere; your subconscious mind will trigger them because they are a stranger to you.

Strangers who appear in your dream are most often male. Strangers in dreams also appear threatening.

Which indicates you are worried about something in your waking life.

If you are unable to remove yourself from threatening situation in your life, then you are likely to continue seeing these dreams.

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When you keep seeing the same person in your dreams, it means you are thinking about them a lot. It could mean you have unresolved sentiments or business.

To stop these dreams, you need to resolve the issues in your waking life. You can do this by carefully analysing your dreams.

By figuring out why you keep seeing them in your dreams daily.