Being spiritually gifted means having natural talents or abilities that allow you to easily connect with spiritual or divine realms. People who are spiritually gifted often serve as a bridge between the physical world and the metaphysical world. Their gifts provide them with unique insights, perceptions, and understandings that can be used to help, guide, and heal others.

While the concept of being spiritually gifted may seem esoteric to some, it is an idea that has persisted across cultures and faith traditions for centuries. Individuals with spiritual gifts have made immense contributions in religion, philosophy, arts, leadership, and science throughout history.

Common Spiritual Gifts

There are many types of spiritual gifts. Some of the most common include:


Channeling involves connecting with spirits, angels, divine beings or even one’s higher self to transmit messages, teachings and healings. Channelers often speak or write while in an altered state of consciousness, conveying wisdom and insights from beyond the physical realm. Famous channels include Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts and Esther Hicks.


Clairvoyance refers to the ability to clearly see objects, people or events that are not physically present. It allows individuals to witness visions of the past, present and future. Clairvoyants intuitively perceive information through extrasensory visual impressions.


Clairaudience is the facility to hear messages, music, words or sounds that are inaudible to normal hearing. Clairaudients receive auditory impressions from spiritual realms. The clairaudient gift often works in tandem with channeling.


Clairsentience is the psychic ability to directly sense energy, emotions, intentions, physical symptoms or other phenomena without requiring physical, verbal or visual clues. It is an extrasensory “knowing” that allows clairsentients to perceive information through the gateway of feeling.


Discernment enables people to intuitively recognize the truth or underlying nature of situations, people or spiritual forces. It provides a clear sense of inner guidance, gut feelings and intrinsic knowing to discriminate between choices. Discernment safeguards spiritually gifted individuals from deception or misunderstandings.


The gift of spiritual healing allows people to channel divine, loving energy to restore health and wholeness. By laying hands on others or directing energy from a distance, spiritual healers can activate the self-healing abilities of a recipient’s body. Healing impacts people on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


The gift of prophecy involves predicting events before they happen, often revealing information that could not be naturally known. Prophecies communicate divine inspiration to benefit people or society. They may provide warning, revelation or spiritual awakening. True prophecies always uplift human consciousness.


Telepathy is the ability to transfer thoughts, ideas or feelings directly from one mind to another without using physical means. It is sometimes called mental telepathy, mind reading or thought transference. Telepaths intuitively “hear” the unspoken thoughts and attitudes of others.


Wisdom is the ability to understand life from a higher perspective that transcends ordinary perception. People with this gift tap into profound truths of the soul, humanity and existence. Their wisdom arises from deep mystical communion with the divine rather than intellectual study alone.

Common Characteristics

While spiritual gifts differ, there are some common characteristics found in spiritually gifted people. These include:

  • A strong drive to help others and contribute to the greater good
  • An inclination towards solitude and inner reflection
  • A tendency to have vivid dreams, visions or paranormal encounters
  • A lifelong quest for spiritual understanding and self-realization
  • An appreciation of honesty, integrity and truth
  • A feeling of being different or set apart from childhood
  • A sense of having a special purpose or mission
  • A belief in the interconnectedness of humanity and all life
  • An experiential understanding of spiritual concepts
  • A highly intuitive and insightful way of thinking
  • An ability to heal from emotional wounds and find inner peace

Awakening & Development

For many spiritually gifted people, their abilities seemed to awaken spontaneously during childhood or adolescence without conscious effort. However, gifts can also activate later in life during significant events, trauma, dreams or revelations that open access to the divine source.

Once activated, spiritual gifts can be developed through dedicated practice to hone skills over time. However, their expression remains intuitive and cannot be entirely controlled by the ego or conscious mind. Patience, trust and surrendering personal will allow gifts to blossom via divine grace.

Creating a spiritual practice with components like meditation, prayer, journaling or ritual helps nurture connection with the metaphysical realms that spiritual gifts draw upon. Learning spiritual disciplines can protect gifted people from imbalance, disorientation or ego inflation. Living ethically and avoiding substance abuse are also essential for healthy development.

Getting training from experienced teachers, healers and intuitives guides proper usage of spiritual gifts. This prevents misinterpretation of perceptions that may be confusing initially. Feedback from trusted mentors helps gifted people have confidence in sharing their abilities.

Life Purpose & Mission

Because spiritual gifts connect to divine inspiration, they reveal the deeper purpose and mission of the person who bears them. Each gift carries an obligation to serve others in alignment with that sacred purpose. This gives spiritually gifted people a profound sense of meaning and self-actualization.

Some common soul missions associated with spiritual gifts include:

  • Helping people develop intuition and spiritual perception
  • Healing bodies, minds and spirits
  • Communicating higher guidance and wisdom
  • Revealing divine truths and mystical understandings
  • Uplifting consciousness through arts, leadership or philosophy
  • Transforming society towards enlightened principles
  • Furthering compassion, harmony and human unity

Fulfilling one’s spiritual mission requires courage, sacrifice and transcendence of ego. It demands resilience to withstand the incomprehension, skepticism and hostility sometimes directed at misunderstood giftedness. But living one’s sacred purpose rewards spiritually gifted people with profound joy, serenity and connection to the Divine.


In essence, being spiritually gifted extends natural human intuition and perception to unlock extraordinary potentials. Gifted people channel divine inspiration to enrich their own lives and benefit others across many spheres of influence. Their gifts bridge heaven and earth, revealing humanity’s integral connection with the sacred source of existence. Although spiritual gifts have mystical origins, their expressions uplift people worldwide through very tangible effects. Understanding spiritual gifts thus allows all people to appreciate our shared divinity.

Kash is a talented 3D artist who has worked at Apple and Splash Damage, and many other projects within the Games Industry. He also loves to blog about spirituality. He is the co-founder of Spiritual Unite, where he combines his business and spiritual Interest to inspire others.

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