We as a species have had somewhat of an obsession over the last ten thousand years with cats.

Black cats, in particular, have populated folklore and local superstition for thousands of years and many people to this day swear to the truth of it.

And the wisdom of generations tells us what it means when a black cat follows you.

So if you have had a black cat following you around and you wanted to know what that means for you, then read on.

When The Black Cat Follows You Home

The black cat can be either a good or bad omen depending on circumstance.

When a black cat follows you home, it is said to bring you good fortune in domestic affairs. To a person who is always hungry, it might mean plentiful food, family unity or even an incoming addition!What Does It Mean When A Black Cat Follows You?

That’s right – there have been several instances where a black cat following someone home has foretold a pregnancy!

Most of the time, however, it is generally good fortune that you will experience.

When The Black Cat Follows You To Work

On the other hand, if the black cat is following you to work instead, this can be a terrible omen.

It has been said in many cultures that a black cat following you to work can be a sign that you are going to lose your job or miss out on a promotion.

There were numerous reports of black cats following stock traders to work on Black Monday, the day in 1989 when stock markets all over the world crashed.

It’s rarely that drastic, but it would be best to prepare for the worst.

However, if the black cat stays with you at work, you are said to be under its protection. If you treat it well and it remains friendly, then you are safe.

If you aren’t… well, don’t expect good things to happen to you if you are not kind to the cat.

Black Cats & Illness

One other reason that a black cat might follow you home is to warn you of an undetected illness.

Black cats have a long history of comforting the ill and the dying. In fact, across Europe and Asia and for much of history, black cats were often brought to the bedside of those who were beyond help.

It was thought that the cat would watch over the ill person’s spirit as it passed on to the next life.

They are able to sense illnesses through our auras, which are much easier for animals like cats to see. In addition to this, some believe that cats are spirit guides in animal form.

If a black cat follows you home, pay attention to your health.

So that’s what it means when a black cat follows you. Do you have any stories about mysterious black cats following you? Do you think spirit guides have visited you in the guise of a cat?

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