What does it mean when a cat chooses you rather than the other way around?

These are the only animals that we keep as pets that will decide who their owners are, so their choice has some significance.

If you have involuntarily adopted a cat, then you know that this is a real phenomenon – and much more widespread than you think!

There’s a reason for it, too. Cats gravitate to spiritual people.

When A Cat Chooses You

Cats have long been a part of our shared cultural history, especially as symbols of spirits and high energy.

They also have strong associations with intuition, psychic powers, and rituals.

They are known to have a lot of cosmic energy compared to other animals, with their auras comparable in size to ours in relative terms.

Because they rely on their instincts so heavily, cats are very spiritual beings. Not quite to a human level, but close enough that it makes them powerful companions.

When choosing an owner, it will rely on its instincts to choose the right one.

The primary way of doing this is through vibrational matching.

It works the same way as we like to spend time with people who are on the same vibrational level as us. It is the same between us and our pets.

Your new feline friend has recognized your energy on an intuitive level and has identified you as “kin” – or family.

Cats As Spirit Guides

One form that your spirit guides can take is that of this animal, so if you now belong to a feline owner, it may be the universe lending you a helping paw on your spiritual journey.

When a cat chooses you, it can be because you need long term spiritual guidance and companionship.

Some people respond well to having a Guru or an expert healer guiding them through, but others don’t.

These people are far more likely to gain one of these furry companions because it is a way of them taking the guidance that suits their temperament.

This animal has long been thought to represent spirits and higher wisdom. It is because of the extensive energy field they can maintain.

Good Luck When A Cat Chooses You

The final reason a cat chooses you is that it is merely following fortune.

The independent nature of this animal means that it is usually following whatever path best benefits it.

As followers of fortune, the arrival of a cat in your life may signal that significant good luck is about to come your way.

If you turn the animal away or it changes its mind, you will instead come into a spell of bad luck related to finances and health.

Many people think that it brings good and bad luck with it. This idea isn’t exactly right.

These animals are highly attuned to fortune, so they follow the good and avoid the bad much better than we do.

So if a cat wants to be with you, perhaps now is the time to buy a lottery ticket – or take the plunge on whatever endeavor you have been too afraid to tackle.

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