When you constantly dream of someone, it is often more than just the idle ticking over of your brain as you sleep.

In fact, we can draw a lot of information from our dreams.

So if you are wondering why a certain someone keeps showing up in your dreams, there are a few different explanations that you might consider.

Dreaming Of Someone With Spiritual Connections

The first and most obvious explanation is that you share a spiritual connection with the person you are always dreaming about.

On the spiritual plane, which most of us most often access through dreams, spiritual connections are laid bare and become clearer as the restraints of the physical world do not hamper them. This means that when we are dreaming, we have greater access to our spiritual connections.

Of course, we all have many spiritual connections, so why would you be constantly dreaming about one person rather than all of those people?

The answer lies in how the spiritual connection works.

Dreamscape Telepathy

What is likely to be happening is that the person you are constantly dreaming about is preoccupied with thoughts about you.

While they are thinking about you (or even dreaming about you), the spiritual connection becomes activated, and their energies reach out to you. This manifests as intrusive thoughts while awake, and as dreams while asleep.

You can tell what kind of thoughts they are having about you by the nature of the dreams. If the dreams are happy, loving or even romantic, then these are likely the kind of thoughts the person is having about you.

On the other hand, anxious and stressful dreams can mean that they have some anxiety concerning you. Perhaps they are scared of losing you, or they need to tell you something that is stressing them out.

A Message From The Spirit Guides

Of course, it might not be that the person is thinking of you at all.

If that isn’t the case, then what you’re probably experiencing is guidance from the spiritual plane – a message from your spirit guides.

A message from your spirit guides is not something you should ignore easily.

Unfortunately, they can be a little cryptic. Part of the spiritual journey is learning to hear the universe and its energies, so we are rarely handed information on a plate.

So the best advice is to keep a dream journal. Note down every dream you have as soon as you wake (when the memory is still fresh).

Note down not only what happened in the dream and who was there, but also how you felt during and afterwards. It is a good idea to jot down any colours or symbols, animals or objects that catch your eye while dreaming.

And then meditate on the messages contained within. Trust your intuition – it is your most important spiritual tool. You can help to focus and clarify the energies by using lemon scents and clear quartz.

We only get messages from our spirit guides when we need them, so ignoring these dreams is a bad idea. After all, your spirit guides are on your side, and it is with their help that you can walk the path of your unique spiritual journey.