We have all experienced that strange sensation, a tingling that spreads quickly across all or part of the body. The chills. But what exactly are the chills?

Well, sometimes they are nothing. A physiological response to stimuli, nothing more. But not always. On occasion, we experience chills that have a spiritual component – spiritual chills.

Spiritual Chills

Have you ever been speaking to a friend about future plans, perhaps starting a business venture together or planning a trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go and experienced the chills?

That could be the universe sending you a little message. A note of guidance, if you will.

Those are spiritual chills.

On the other end of the spectrum, you might have walked into a room filled with strangers and experienced the same chills, but with an accompanying feeling of inexplicable dread.

These are also spiritual chills, guidance from the universe, a little warning note: “Something is wrong here.”

So much of the universe is invisible to us. Our senses are limited and, though we may grow and expand them, they will never be perfect.

But the invisible energies of the world are not hidden on the spiritual plane. There, they are clear as day.

And when we experience spiritual chills, we are receiving a nugget of wisdom from the spiritual plane. We would do well to pay attention.

What Do The Chills Mean?

It is not always immediately apparent what the universe is trying to tell us. Not all instances of spiritual chills are as easy to understand as the examples above.

Fortunately, there are techniques we can use to decipher the messages being sent to us.

The first step we should take is to pay attention to when we receive these spiritual chills.

We cannot hear a message unless we are listening, so the battle is half won if we are merely mindful of the spiritual nature of the chills we experience.

But simply listening to the message is not enough. Once we hear the message, we must translate – or interpret – it. But how do we do that?

Here are some tips:

Think about the situation in which you experienced the chills. Did someone say something or do something that held more meaning for you than it might normally have done?

Did someone give you some advice? Perhaps you had a thought of doing or saying something that brought it on? If so, it is reasonable to think that this was the subject of the message.

Pay attention to how the spiritual chills made you feel. If the chills were accompanied by a sense of excitement, the universe might be pushing you to action, to follow through on a thought or to take to heart some advice.

On the other hand, if the chills were accompanied by a sensation of dread or hesitation, that might be a warning sign that you should steer clear of whatever it was that brought it on.

Above all, trust yourself. The messages you receive are tailored to you and your unique spirit.

If you feel that the message is one of confirmation, or of warning, then you are probably right. You have an intuition for a reason, and it should be a part of every spiritual decision you make.