What Does The Colour Green Mean Spiritually?

Colour is a vital part of life as a human being. Since the dawn of time, we have taken clues from the colours of the world and used them to enhance our lives.

The colour green is one of the most commonly used colours regarding symbolism.

It is rich with symbolic and spiritual meaning, ranging from its association with nature to its relationship with money and greed.

Understanding the symbolism that surrounds us is essential to living a full, happy life.

This kind of symbolic awareness is especially important for those living a spiritual life, as abstract thinking and deep symbolic thought is key to understanding the nature of the spirit.

So if you want to understand the spiritual meaning of the colour green and unlock its power, then you’re in the right place.

The Colour Green & Nature

The first thing that comes to mind when we see the colour green is nature and the natural world.

The natural world holds much in terms of meaning for us in our lives. The central themes of growth and life apply directly to our lives, and often when we are considering our future, we might feel the need to walk in nature to help us make important decisions.

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Nature walks is one of the better ways to ensure our energies stay grounded. Time spent out in the environment can help to spur personal growth.

Also notable are the themes of Spring, when the natural world springs into life and green shoots start to appear.

Seedlings remind us of rebirth – a story that is as old as stories are – and helps us to understand how good things can come from the death of the old ways.

The Colour Green & Health

Green is also an essential colour for health. Aside from white, green is the colour most associated with medicine and doctors, and that is no accident.

Symbolically, the colour green represents holistic healing and good health.

When somebody is ill, we feel the urge to give them flowers. Flowers have no real use other than decoration, but instinctively we know that the presence of nature in all its green goodness helps the healing process.

What Does The Colour Green Mean Spiritually

The Colour Green & Money

Colours are never “good” or “bad”, but represent different spiritual symbolism depending on the situation.

The colour green is the one used to describe money, greed, jealousy and envy.

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This is a holdover from green meaning growth, vitality and livelihood. Greed and envy, in particular, are just unhealthy attitudes towards these spiritual meanings.

Some believe that wearing green can bring you good luck in financial matters, which stems from the long-standing connection between green and money. On the other hand, jealous people can be said to be “green with envy”.

So perhaps if you want to add a little green to your office, maybe in the form of some plants or an ornamental gemstone, it might bring you luck at work.

However, let it remind you also of the danger of greed and envy.

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