Purple is one of the most symbolically meaningful colours on the visible spectrum.

Over the course of human history, purple has been seen as a special colour – from the hue of royalty to the uniforms of widows.

So if you are looking for the metaphysical meaning of the colour purple, stick around:

Purple Temperature

Purple is created by mixing red and blue.

Red is a robust and warm colour while blue is an intense, cold colour. Since both are strong, purple retains the traits of both warm and cold colours.

This means that while it possesses the fierce energy of the colour red, it retains the stability and sureness of the colour blue.What Does The Colour Purple Mean Spiritually

Rarity & Royalty

Purple is a very rare colour in nature, with only a handful of plants able to produce purple pigment.

It has long been suspected that this is the reason that royalty in Europe have long worn purple as a sign of the royal house.

In this context, purple represents wealth, authority and a connection to the transcendental open-minded.

Metaphysical & Psychic Ability

Purple is a colour intimately tied with the whole idea of spirituality.

Purples can aid very much in spiritual practice, helping in particular with Third Eye Chakra meditation and healing.

It is also a powerful tone to employ for the purposes of using psychic abilities.

Psychic practitioners often wear purple clothing and use gemstones such as Amethyst, Sapphire and Tanzanite, as well as scents derived from the few naturally purple plants – lavender, violet, orchid and lilac.

Imagination & Creativity

One of the most powerful meanings hidden in the colour purple is to do with imagination and creativity.

For many, purple tones unlock the mind’s eye and help to get the creative juices flowing.

If you have a creative space, perhaps adding a dash of purple paint or a vase of lavender flowers to the room might bring your creativity to the next level.

Purple Shades & Tones

Different shades and tones of purple can hold different meanings.

Light purples often represent femininity and the divine feminine. This is not gendered – instead, everybody has some feminine and some masculine. Soft purples can help you to bring out or nurture your feminine traits.

Dark purples, on the other hand, represent sadness, depression and frustration. Avoid dark purples where possible.

Vibrant, vivid purples tend to represent extravagance and wealth, as well as power and authority. However, be sparing with this particular tone as too much can bring on arrogance, elitism and cold emotions.


Finally, purples are often used in the treatment of insomnia.

Lavender has known sleep-inducing properties, and the lighter, duller purples are known to help with a restless mind.

This could be to do with the spiritual nature of the colour purple, as it more readily allows you to transport your metaphysical self to the astral plane by inducing sleep and dreams.

So those are the most essential metaphysical meanings of the colour purple. I am sure we can agree that it is a wonderful hue to have around.