We meet a great many people through the course of our lives, each a different soul with different energies and different auras, every one seeking those most elusive connections that the soul drives us towards.

We yearn for connections because we want to be one again through ascension. Or, at least, our minds do.

But we can not establish real spiritual connections with everyone we meet. In fact, the number of people with whom we can develop a real spiritual connection with is dishearteningly small when compared with the number of people we can expect to meet during our lifetime.

When we do meet a person with whom we can have that spiritual connection with, we know it almost immediately.

But how do we know when our minds are connected?


The first thing our souls do when they establish a spiritual connection with another soul is begin mirroring.

We might find ourselves unconsciously copying the person’s movements and mannerisms, their body language and facial expressions. And you might notice that they are doing the same.

This is because our souls, while they have managed to secure a connection, are likely still out of sync regarding their vibrational energies.

Mirroring helps to bring those vibrations into sync, attuning to a middle ground so that the connection can last.

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Shared Thoughts

The next stage of this process of two souls becoming connected is the strengthening of the connection. This manifests itself as shared thoughts.

Now that our minds are connected, we start to experience synchronicity in our thoughts.

This is commonly described as being “on the same wavelength”, which is far more accurate than most people believe.

Our thought patterns are literally attuned to the same vibrational wavelengths, increasing synchronicity.

This means that we may find ourselves about to say something, only to hear the other person with whom we share a soul connection say exactly the same thing first.

A Challenge

At this point, we have a secure spiritual soul connection with the other person. We can be very sure of that. And what we can be equally sure of is that they are about to challenge us.

The type of challenge they will pose to us is of a spiritual nature. It will be a karmic lesson, designed to teach us what we need to learn to progress along our spiritual journey.

After all, this is the purpose of spiritual connections.

And, without knowing it, we will pose a similar challenge to them. We will help them overcome a weakness of theirs in the same way that they will do for us.

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So we have one responsibility once we realise we have a spiritual soul connection with another person.

Once our two minds are connected, our spiritual journeys intersect. We must do our best to help them in theirs.

And trust that they will help us along ours.