What if You Think About Someone all The Time?

What if you think about someone all the time? You can’t seem to help it. They are constantly on your mind. Sometimes it’s out of control.

Here are the reasons when you think about someone all the time.

Because of their looks

Some people are just very good looking, and you can’t take your mind off it.

Common Interests

You have things in common with them. Your mind hints they could be the one.

You can never get this person

The truth is sometimes we want something we can never get. This might be the case, so you think about them.

Something they have said

maybe it is because something they have said? Which might leave you curious wanting to know more.

You have a crush on them.

They made you angry.

Are they thinking about you too?

If you get persistent thoughts out of the blue for no reason at all. Then it’s likely you are on their mind too.

It’s more likely if they are someone you don’t think about too often.

Here are the signs they are thinking about you too.

Emotional spike

When someone is thinking about you, you get a spike of emotions which links to how they are feeling.

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You might be having an enjoyable day, and all of a sudden sadness overwhelms you.

Signifies they miss you.

You Find a Feather

This symbolises that your lost loved one is thinking about you. Many people find feathers when their loved one has passed away.

Physical death does not mean they are gone forever. They are still around and thinking of you. This is an excellent sign if you miss someone who has passed away.

This wraps up the question “what if you think about someone all the time.”

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