Throughout our lives, we will often find ourselves in what are known as karmic relationships.

These relationships serve to help us grow spiritually so that we will one day be ready for the twin flame relationship – and eventually enlightenment and ascension.

What Is A Karmic Relationship?

But what is a karmic relationship? And how do we know when we are in one?

Signs Of A Karmic Relationship

  • There are a number of signs that we can look out for that tell us that we are in a karmic relationship.
  • The relationship is likely on-again-off-again. No matter how many times we fail, we still feel stuck in the relationship.
  • They put themselves first, and so do we. Instead of working as partners, the relationship is built on the selfish needs of two individuals.
  • We can’t get enough of them. Like a drug, we know that they are bad for us, but we still keep going back to them.
  • We bring out the worst in each other. Both partners become jealous and controlling, shining a light on each other’s worst flaws by pushing each other’s buttons.
  • It’s all ups and downs. There is very little stability in a karmic relationship, and we find ourselves arguing far too much.
  • The relationship breeds codependence. This makes it very difficult to get out of a karmic relationship.
  • There is intense passion. Sometimes we feel as though we only come out of the bedroom for enough air to argue about something else.
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As we can see, karmic relationships are hardly a walk in the park. So what is the purpose of a karmic relationship?

Why Do We Have Karmic Relationships?

It would be easy to look at the signs and properties of a karmic relationship and conclude that they are more trouble than they are worth.

But the purpose of a karmic relationship isn’t to give you happiness in the short term. It is to prepare you for happiness long term.

Within the karmic relationship we learn about ourselves. We learn about our flaws and our traumas by having them brought to the front by our karmic partner.

With this newfound knowledge about our shortcomings, we can start to fix them.

This is an example of how karmic relationships spur spiritual growth.

Ending A Karmic Relationship

There are many reasons we might finish a karmic relationship.

Sometimes it might be because they are getting abusive, which is too common.

People sometimes stay in an abusive relationship for a variety of reasons, but an abusive relationship should always be escaped if at all possible.

The rest of the time, it is usually because it fizzles out. Suddenly the passion is gone, the fire in our heart and belly dissipates.

This is the natural end of the karmic relationship. It signals that we have learned everything we can from this relationship and should move on with our lives.

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From there we must take the karmic lessons we have learned and work to heal our wounds. We will emerge on the other side as better, more spiritual and more evolved people.

Despite all the trouble, all the problems and all the pain, that is what gives the karmic relationship so much value.