A lightworker exists to breathe life in the dormant spirits of the beautiful people of this world. People tend to forget that their spirit holds dominion over their physical being, and not the other way around.

Our purpose, as lightworkers, is to connect these lost souls to their spiritual sides so that they can find harmony and peace in their existence. A divine power guides lightworkers; their paths can intertwine with anyone, irrespective of race or physical and psychological distance.

If you’re exhibiting any of these symptoms, you’re a true born Lightworker.

A lightworker undergoes a string of tests and harrowing experiences

Lightworkers have a hard life. They are always beset by troubling situations and unexpected tests, so they can learn from these rough patches of life, and emerge enlightened and strong. This equips them to understand the suffering of others in a better way.

It makes it easier for them to help others find the path to salvation and peace. If you’re undergoing phases of intense physical and emotional strain at an adolescent age, life might be preparing you to perform your duties as a lightworker in the not so distant future. Buckle up!

A profound attachment to the spiritual form and Empathic nature

Spirituality comes naturally to a lightworker. They can’t help but explore their soul because they have an inborn curiosity, an inexplicable urge to understand the secrets of the spiritual form. Their empathic tendencies pant like a hungry dog. They don’t hesitate to strike a tone whenever they feel someone needs verbal and emotional support. They don’t hold back, even if it shames them.

Sheer selflessness

Majority of the human population does things for a secret motive. Some do it for fame, while others tend to work assiduously to get their hands on a treasure trove. But not Lightworkers!

Sheer selflessness drives them to do what’s right and induces a sense of unparalleled humanity inside them. Their ways are indiscernible. They will do things as they please without any hidden motive or hope for a reward. Kindness is liberally woven into their soul.

Boldness and Fearlessness

Everyone has their fears, but lightworkers hold their worries captive instead of falling out of step because of them. They are audacious and dogged in their endeavours. Nothing can impede their progress if they’re on a mission to help someone.

If they are helping a loved one, and the loved one is unwilling to take their help, it will not matter to them. They will disregard their wishes for the greater good, and at the end of the day, the loved one will be glad that the lightworker did not listen to them.


Lightworkers are social pariahs. They will isolate themselves from the material world because they find nothing of importance in it. They perceive reality all too well. To them, human societies are nothing but an illusionary deception hiding a greater truth. That is why they have minimal friends and alliances.