If you have ever asked yourself “What is a lightworker?”, or want to know the symptoms and signs of being a lightworker, then you have come to the right place.

Today, we’re going to look at the signs and symptoms of lightworkers.

But first: What is a lightworker?

What Is A Lightworker?

A lightworker is a soul incarnated on Earth with the sole (or soul) purpose of healing the planet.

This is achieved by dedicating themselves to clearing negative energy and helping others to experience a spiritual awakening.

A lightworker need not be of any particular gender, race, faith, age, or any of those other surface things that we so often separate people with.

Anybody can be a lightworker, so long as they are doing the work.

That work often involves providing spiritual guidance to others and promoting spiritual thought and practice to people who might otherwise never have the opportunity to encounter it.

What Are The Lightworker Symptoms?

The signs and symptoms of lightworkers are based on action, disposition and thought rather than the physical symptoms often associated with other soul states.

Here are the main characteristics that all lightworkers share:

A strong sense of spiritual self. This is important to a lightworker, as it is this intuitive connection to the spiritual world that allows them to engage in the sheer amount of healing they feel driven to do.

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Practices self-healing regularly. All lightworkers need to maintain clear, high-frequency energy within their subtle bodies.

Being a vegan can really help with this, as your vibration is naturally higher when you don’t eat any animal products.

It is near impossible to heal others when you are yourself plagued by negative energy. Healing, like charity, begins at home.

Enhanced empathy. Again, very important as it is empathy that allows the lightworker to understand the negative energies that plague people, as well as providing them with the motivation to cleanse that energy to help others.

Humble and lacks materialism. Ego, money, fame, recognition – none of it matters to the lightworker.

They are content to fulfil their mission quietly and without reward, purely for the good of humanity.

Lightworkers don’t do what they do for money, even if the reality of life in the modern world might require charging for their services.

Close ties to Mother Earth. Lightworkers absolutely love to get out into nature.

Nothing brings more pleasure than being surrounded by the bounty of Mother Earth, with its endless beauty.

They tend to have a strong affinity with animals, especially dogs and birds.

Lights up a room. Lightworkers spread positive energies wherever they go and, while many prefer to live a solitary life, everybody is happy to see them.

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When a lightworker turns up to a party, the mood shifts, conflicts come to a close and smiles spread rapidly like a happy version of the common cold.

Knows their mission is of absolute importance. This is the big one. Lightworkers – even if they are unaware that that is what they are – understand their purpose and know its importance.

It doesn’t matter if they articulate it, it’s far more about how their mission fits into their soul.

A lightworker does not need to know they are a lightworker to feel the absolute importance of spreading light and love into the world.