What is a psychic attack: A psychic attack involves a person sending negative energy to inflict harm on another person, their family, or even their life – it can be done consciously and even unconsciously.

Harm can be sought after any state of being, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

More often than not, these attacks are based on negative emotions themselves, like envy and anger.

At times, whatever the attack may be it is typically unintentional and is by someone close like a friend or family friend, the thoughts, as usual, can be either conscious or unconscious.

Jealousy and anger can be the root of most attacks and when sent unconsciously, the attacker rarely knows they are doing so.

On the other hand, when it’s a conscious attack, it will be associated with witchcraft, black magic, spells.

There are many reasons as to why an attacker would use psychic attacks against their victim, usually these things are unpredictable, without any solid reason and stem from many places.

The attacker could be clearly envious or jealous of the way the victim is living their life, or their progression in a career. Sometimes the attacker is basically one that is on the dark side.

Other times the attacker is just fearful. It’s even possible that the attacker could be a spirit, and while that completely changes the reason behind the attack, the outcome is the same.

An entity attaches through a weakness in their aura which could be caused be anxiety or depression.

The victim will have very unpleasant nightmares, and the attacker might be a part of it. They will experience extreme fatigue and be without energy.

It can be a pain in the same body part and at the same time every day or no concentration for daily work. It may be terrible headaches or going through a crisis of questioning life.

They might feel like they’re being watched and even feel suicidal.

Though experiencing these things is something which isn’t very odd if they’re experienced individually, but it’s suspicious when they start appearing one after another.

When you’re dealing with an attack, you have to be aware that the attack is psychic. In this case, the attacker is always weaker, so don’t retaliate by sending any negative thoughts back.

Instead, send positive energy. It’s best to stay busy at the time of the adverse events, and during these times you should not focus on what you feel from the attack.

Always stay positive; it’s hard but try to be happy, only positive energy can cancel out negative energy.

Keep in mind some mantras or affirmations that will keep you anchored and give you strength.

A room or space is often associated with the psychic attacks, so it’s best to change the room visually, so there is a different energy about it.

It’s best to know that these attacks cannot really harm you, you can fight off the causes of these attacks. Be strong mentally.

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