When we finally connect with our twin flame, we enter into a relationship so intensely spiritual, so life-changing and transformative that we intuitively understand precisely why we only have one of these twin flames. It would be far, far too intense an experience to have more than one.

But over and over again we hear reports from people who claim to have two – or more – twin flames. These people are wrong – but, at the same time, they are kind of right.

We only have one twin flame, split from the same soul at our souls creation. We are mirror souls, destined to travel together, ascend together and to one day unify.

But the soul we share with our twin flame is not the final form of our soul. Our soul has its own twin flame (of sorts) with which it will eventually ascend and unify.

And that soul, and the next, and the next. All the way to source. That is the universal ascension process.

The soul we share with our twin flame has its own twin flame, as mentioned. That soul splits into two and produces its own beings on Earth, who are both twin flames of each other.

Those two are a part of our soul group – very special members too.

Our twin rays.

The Twin Ray Connection

We share a spiritual connection with our twin rays in much the same way as we share a spiritual connection with our twin flame.

The properties, intent, energies and ascension destiny are very similar.

Our twin rays are kin. Soulkin, if you will.

Much the same advice can be given for finding, recognising and developing with our twin rays as is offered for twin flames. The difference is in the nature of the connection.

It’s Not Meant For You

Though meeting a twin ray is an intensely spiritual event, just as it is when meeting a twin flame, it is not a necessary part of your spiritual journey.

It is, in essence, an emergent phenomenon of the universal ascension process.

One day, the soul that we share with our twin flame will be unified. That is our goal.

That souls goal will then go from unification of its constituent souls to its own ascension with its twin flame – the soul that our twin rays share with each other.

So the twin ray connection is a side quest along our spiritual journey. We do not need to engage with it to complete our journey.

But that does not mean it cannot be rewarding.

Our Twin Ray

In fact, we may find that striking up a friendship with our twin rays can help us along our spiritual journey.

After all, we are very closely related in spiritual terms. We could have much to teach each other.

We have no contract with our twin rays. We do not owe them anything, nor them us. Our connection with a twin ray can be rewarding, but it does not have to be.