What is the Merkaba?

The word can alternatively be spelled as Merkabah, both literally translate to “light, spirit, body” and would have originally had connotations referring to traveling and journeys.

This term actually has more than one meaning.

While it is most often used to refer to the Light Body, it is also used to refer to the energy contained within and the symbol that represents the whole energy system.

However, all of these uses of the term are interconnected and really refer to several manifestations of the same basic process – the process of awakening.

What Is The Merkaba Symbol?

The symbol of the Merkaba is composed of two opposing, intersecting tetrahedrons.

The individual tetrahedrons represent the two opposing energies of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

Together, they represent the Light Body and the totality of your cosmic energy,

Although it is a 3D shape, when viewed from the side the Star of David appears.

These two symbols are strongly related and often appear around the same concepts.

The two tetrahedrons are often depicted in animations as spinning in opposite directions.

This is related to Merkaba Activation, the process by which the aura is created and the Light Body gains in power.

Sometimes the aura is depicted as a circle surrounding the tetrahedrons.

What Is Merkaba Activation?

The process of Merkaba Activation will result in a spiritual awakening that unlocks the power of your Light Body.

The benefits of Merkaba Activation include astral travel, lucid dreaming, increased spiritual power, heightened powers of manifestation and ascension to higher consciousness.

In essence, it represents a progression in your state of being – from somebody who has limited contact with their higher self to somebody who can inhabit their higher self.

Most people never go through this process as it requires one of two situations to arise.

The first is through trauma or grief, which can set off a period of soul-searching that can result in activation. The second is through meditation and spiritual practice.

In either case, the goal in this process is to start the opposing tetrahedrons within your Merkaba to spin in opposite directions.

While the easiest way to achieve this is to shock your system into action through trauma it is obviously preferable by far to take the meditative approach.

It is good to note that dealing with trauma is made far easier by achieving a higher state of consciousness beforehand.

What Is Merkaba Meditation?

The meditation for Merkaba Activation consists of an 18 or 19 breath exercise, performed using standard meditation techniques, as well as somatic actions and yogic breathing.

You can read our full guide to this meditation technique elsewhere on this site, but before you decide to do so you should ensure that you are prepared for it.

Chakra meditation can help you here. One of the most common stumbling blocks for people trying to activate their Merkaba energy is a blockage within the chakra system.

It’s quite similar to the plumbing in your home – when one of the pipes is blocked, the whole house is out of water!jjbhjb e1534621055342

Once you feel prepared you can go ahead and attempt the meditation.

Don’t worry if you don’t manage it the first time, it can take a few attempts before you achieve the right focus and state of mind to get your Merkaba spinning at full speed.

The good news is that it gets easier with each attempt as you become more attuned to the energy frequencies involved.

In short, the meditation consists of 18 or 19 breaths. With each breath, you increase the spinning frequency of the tetrahedrons representing your Masculine and Feminine energies.

It is common to only manage the first few breaths at the start – maintaining focus for the whole process is both difficult and necessary.

Therefore it is essential that you take care of your body and mind so that you can access your spirit.

Mastery over your own mental state is especially important because without it your mind is prone to wandering. Breaking concentration means starting over again, which can quickly get tiring.

Taking care of your body is one way of helping to look after your mind.

Good nutrition, getting plenty of daily physical exercise and staying hydrated are all excellent ways of improving your chances of activation.

Using The Merkaba Light Body

Once activated, your Merkaba Light Body adds a whole new dimension to your life – quite literally!

It opens the Astral Plane to you in a much more active form, rather than the passive access granted by dreams.

While dreaming our souls are transported to the Astral Plane, a higher dimension that contains the higher self and is comprised entirely of energy.

Taking control of your Light Body gives you greater control over this process.

It will allow you to reclaim your dreams through lucid dreaming or setting out on your own journeys through intentional Astral Projection.

A lucid dream is a dream in which you realize you are not in the physical world.

Usually, the two worlds are kept separate, including your consciousness, but achieving lucidity allows you to use your conscious mind while dreaming.

This is entertaining at the least – and life-changing at the most.

Astral Projection is like lucid dreaming, but it is performed during meditation rather than sleep and is entirely purposeful.

This is usually done for the purpose of spiritual progression on an astral level.

Exploring the Astral Plane can help you to understand more about yourself and the world around you.

Activation brings with it a marked increase in the amount and diversity of energy in your aura.

The effects of this are far too many to mention, with every part of your life being affected in one way or another.

Your ability to form connections, your powers of manifestation and intuition, and your psychic, empathic and mediumship abilities are all improved by activation of the Merkaba.

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