Numerology has a rule; all double digits are added to reduce them down to a single digit. The numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the exception when the numbers are paired together, they are called Master Numbers, 11, 22, 33 and 44.

Master Number 11 is like having double 2’s amped up to the max.

Masters are set apart from all other Numbers

As the Master Number 11, you are a deep thinker, an inspiring visionary, with great charisma, and your magnificent connection to the Universe grants you intuition with the highest potential.

The vital link between mortal and immortal, man and spirit, dark and light, ignorance and enlightenment, pushes the human into their highest spiritual self.

Masters always come with gifts

Master 11 brings forth healing, intuition and sensitivity adept at diagnosing health related issues and emotional distress.

The life path of the Master Number 11 is associated with illumination of all spiritual things. Metaphysics is another gift 11’s possess, their understanding and feel for spiritual matters gives them a real edge.

Being that 11’s are also 2’s, this means they are excellent at completing tasks and make amazing partners, they stay committed and are faithful their whole lives.

To the onlooker, 11’s may seem to lead a life full of extremes, and impossible to keep up with

It’s because they are often proficient psychics, mystics, writers, teachers, artists with a great connection to music, they let the Universe flow through them.

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Be aware that if Master Number 11’s fall low

this means they have fear issues; they are trapped in a preliminary stage of enlightenment called the “visionary” stage.

This is when they are overwhelmed with their gifts and unsure how to use them.

11’s need to trust their gifts and let the energy flow, getting overwhelmed makes them moody, nervous and indecisive.

A lot of this anxiety leads them to self-sabotage

without focus, they can get scattered and stressed out.

Master Number 11’s are amazing to be around, as long as they understand what they have and what they can do, if not they are their own worst enemy. It is their drive for perfection and their potential to forfil it that powers these beings, they run rings around others and are a real force to be reckoned with.