What is The Dark Night of The Soul?

What is the dark night of the soul? Dark night of the soul is a term which goes back a long time. The term is used when one describes a total collapse in meaning of life, a total devastation, when life has no meaning.



When you are going through the dark night of the soul, your inner state is very close to feeling depression. In this state nothing makes sense anymore, you have no purpose to anything. In some cases this state is caused by some external event, a disaster maybe on an external level.dark night

What Can Trigger The Dark Night of The Soul?

1. The passing of someone who is very close to you might trigger it, like a premature death, an example would be death of your child.

2. The second trigger is when one has built up their life and given it a meaning, the meaning is ones life achievements and activities, which is very important collapses.

This event can happen in your life and you can’t explain why it has happened. Whatever has collapsed, which is a conceptual framework of your life, a meaning your mind has given it.

So you go into a dark place. The people who have gone into this have come back with a deeper meaning to life, they have emerged out of the dark place with a higher state of consciousness. Life again has meaning.

Awakening into Something Deeper

Going through the dark night of the soul has many benefits, first you awaken to something deeper, a higher level of truth. Your life will no longer be based on concepts in your mind. You begin to sense a deeper connectedness and purpose with life that is no longer based on any concepts or explanations.

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It’s your rebirth, the dark night of the soul is kind of like death that you die. What really dies is your egoic self, death is very painful, what died was never real only the illusory identity.

Now many that have gone through this process probably realized that they had go through it, to bring about a spiritual awakening. Part of the awakening process is that your old self has to die and you are reborn as your true self.

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