What Is The Meaning Of Black Orbs?

Light Orbs are a common phenomenon. Many people see them in photographs and videos they have taken, and a quick google image search for “Light Orbs” will return millions of results.

These Light Orbs appear in a variety of colours and hues and can represent anything from spirit guides to the souls of the deceased.

But Black Orbs are a little different, by almost all accounts.

Firstly, they rarely show up in photographs. In fact, the vast majority of reported sightings of Black Orbs are with the naked eye rather than through a camera lens.

Those that see them report going to the optometrist to get their eyes examined. Most say that their sight was perfect, their eyes devoid of parasites, floaters or physical malformations.

So what could these mysterious Black Orbs be?

Warning Signs

Black Orbs can be seen as a warning sign from our spiritual guides.

They may warn of a particularly dense area of negative spiritual energy, or they may warn of more physical dangers such as dangerous terrain or the presence of a dangerous person or animal.

If the sight of a Black Orb fills us with an inexplicable sense of dread, we would be best advised to obey our intuition and get away from there as quickly as possible.

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Remember, our intuition is the most uncomplicated connection we have with our spirit guides.

When they want to warn us of something, it is generally our intuition that is used first. If they also feel the need to manifest Black Orbs, we should take that as a, particularly dire warning.

Manifestation Of Negative Emotion

Some quite interesting reports of Black Orbs have been related to severe negative emotion.

An insignificant number of reported sightings of Black Orbs have been attached to the experience of intense negative emotion such as grief, loss, severe stress or physical harm.

There have been reports of people seeing these Black Orbs when they have had suicidal thoughts.

Others have reported seeing them buzzing around the ears of someone having a heated argument over the phone. An unsettling number of sightings have reportedly occurred at cemeteries.

This is always a bad sign. If we see a lot of Black Orbs around us or our loved ones, we should take measures to ensure the negative energies are cleansed and problems are solved (where they can be).

If we see them around strangers, perhaps today is the day we ask a stranger if they are okay.


There is evil in this world. And evil always brings with it the types of adverse energies that can manifest these Black Orbs.

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But this is rare. As rare as pure evil.

Many people jump to “evil” as their first conclusion when they see Black Orbs. This is most often a wrong conclusion to draw.

But we must be mindful of it.

So when we see a Black Orb, we must keep in mind that it may signal an evil presence or being in the vicinity.

But we must also bear in mind that it is far more likely to be a warning of spiritual or physical danger.

And we must be most mindful of the fact that it is by far the most likely scenario that someone is experiencing an amount of pain they are not spiritually equipped to handle.

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