Wisdom teeth, or the third molars, have long been associated with spiritual significance in many cultures.

While the actual meaning varies depending on the cultural context, wisdom teeth are generally seen as connected to the idea of connecting with one’s past, being mindful and unified.

This article will explore each of these aspects in more detail.

Connection to the Past

In many cultures, wisdom teeth are seen as a symbol of a strong connection to one’s ancestors and past generations.

Some believe they carry genetic memories from those who came before us, connecting us physically and spiritually to our own history and heritage.

For this reason, wisdom teeth can be used as a tool for grounding oneself in their roots and understanding their origins.


In addition to connecting us with our past, wisdom teeth can also provide an opportunity for greater awareness in the present moment.

Having them surgically removed can be painful, reminding us to be mindful of our physical and emotional health during this journey.

By focusing on the sensations connected to this experience, we can become aware of our body’s response to pain and discomfort that we may not have otherwise noticed.

Unity and Interconnectedness

Another way wisdom teeth can be interpreted is through an appreciation of unity and interconnectedness between ourselves and all other living things.

In some traditions, it is believed that when we remove one tooth, we are given strength equivalent to its replacement, allowing us to recognize that no individual part is separable from the whole of life itself.

Symbolic Death and Rebirth

It might also be argued that wisdom teeth represent a symbolic death-and-rebirth process — a reminder to let go of what has passed while providing hope for what lies ahead.

As humans grow older, they must eventually leave behind childhood innocence or the naïveté to embrace new things, such as adult responsibilities or values.

Getting rid of our wisdom teeth is an important reminder that leaving certain things behind does not mean losing them completely; rather, it simply provides space for new growth and opportunities for learning about oneself along the way.

A metaphor for Growing Up

Wisdom teeth can be an important metaphor for growing up physically and emotionally.

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Just like these third molars develop over time during adolescence, so too does our sense of self – gradually maturing into something bigger than ourselves.

Even though not everyone experiences growth in the same way, recognizing this milestone reminds us that everything changes, including ourselves – if only at times slowly.

Harmony of Nature

Wisdom teeth may also symbolize the greater harmony and balance found in nature.

The emergence of the third molar is often seen as an example of how life strives to achieve equilibrium amidst various forces.

By recognizing that it is not simply a matter of having more or less, but rather finding a sense of balance, we can learn to become more accepting and understanding in our approach to life.

Spiritual Maturity

In many spiritual traditions, wisdom teeth signify the arrival of spiritual maturity–the understanding that knowledge comes from within us rather than only from external sources.

This kind of growth is often represented by leaving behind childhood beliefs and trusting ourselves enough to make decisions without relying on outside influences.

Oral Health

Though wisdom teeth are most commonly associated with spiritual symbolism, they can also play an important role in promoting oral health.

They typically develop after all the other adult teeth have come in, allowing them to act as a backup if any problems arise with these existing molars over time.


Wisdom teeth can be seen as a reminder for reflection – both about who we were in the past and who we are now.

Noting where we have come from allows us to gain valuable insight into our current lives, while appreciating what lies ahead gives us something to look forward to mentally and spiritually.

Wisdom Teeth Chakra

In certain spiritual traditions, wisdom teeth are believed to be connected to the third chakra, or solar plexus.

Located in the lower abdomen, this energy center is associated with our ability to take action and make decisions for ourselves.

Removing wisdom teeth can help release any blockages that may prevent us from fully accessing our power, resulting in a more balanced energy system.

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Wisdom Teeth Astrology

Believers of astrology may attribute spiritual significance to when their wisdom teeth first start coming in. For example, suppose they emerge during a Full Moon.

In that case, it might be seen as a sign of connections with one’s past being woven together with something new; while its appearance during a New Moon could signify the beginning of a period full of growth and transition.

Wisdom Teeth and Emotions

Wisdom teeth may also be related to emotional states such as anxiety or fear, which can arise when dealing with change.

This can help remind us to trust ourselves no matter what challenges we face; realizing that these very difficulties often provide us with an opportunity for personal transformation.

Wisdom Teeth Myths

Histories have circulated myths about wisdom teeth, from believing they bring bad luck if removed after age 30 to thinking that leaving them in leads to increased intelligence.

Though these tales may be based on some truth, it is important not to rely only on superstitions when making health-related decisions.

Wisdom Teeth Ascension

It is also commonly believed that removing one’s wisdom teeth helps open pathways for personal ascension, allowing others access to deeper realms of being and understanding.

While this is controversial among some spiritual circles, it is argued that this experience enables individuals to move away from merely existing towards actualizing their fullest potential, thus bringing them closer to living out their highest purpose in life.

Benefits of Keeping Wisdom Teeth

Though getting rid of wisdom teeth remains popular today, there are also benefits associated with keeping them intact.

For example, keeping them means more chewing surfaces, allowing you to break down foods much easier than before and promoting better digestion overall.

Furthermore, those who decide against removal may experience less trauma afterwards since no extraction surgery was needed in the first place.


Whether removing or keeping them, wisdom teeth symbolize personal growth and spiritual maturity.

As with any decision, it is important to ensure that our choice around wisdom teeth is informed by both research and intuition – allowing us to take control of our journey in the best way possible.