We are aware that there are many starseeds here on Earth. Many starseeds have gone through the activation process or awakening to know who they are.

Many are not sure what their purpose and mission is, so they feel a sense of loss or wishing they were returning home ready to board the mother ship.

So why do we have that sense of loss and not know our starseed mission? Listed below are some of the symptoms you may feel on earth.

Starseeds feel a sense of loss and not knowing their mission because of the following symptoms after awakening…

1. When you go through the starseed activation, the new energetics can hit you hard and you feel a greater sense of disconnection from 3D life, which may cause some chaos in your life.

The activation really leaves your crown chakra overactive. So you feel a sense of loss and place.

You lose the sense of being in 3D. What you need to know there is much needed work to do in 3D, your placement is to go through the process, learn and guide.

2. As things have changed around you and everything is continuing to shift, you feel your purpose has changed.

You may find yourself saying “what is my purpose and where is my place on the Earth now? ” We tend to do this in a state of confusion and it may take some time to figure everything out.

3. So why do Starseeds always want to go home? You have been incarnating on Earth for a very long time so why the need to go home now?

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Your bodies energy is more attuned to the harmonic resonance of Source, and you have ancient memories of such, in the times of Lemuria, Golden period of Atlantis, ancient Egypt and with the indigenous cultures.

Starseeds have much work to do on Earth – Starseed Mission

Every starseed and the same applies for lightworkers who have been here for a while. Your soul purpose to be of service in love, light and truth for Earth.

Everyone on the planet has a purpose in serving for the greater whole.

Starseeds have always had a sense they are not from here, wanting to go home, but you have a job to do, planet Earth needs your help…everyone has purpose to fulfill here.

You may have a career, marriage and children though your focus will be on raising your personal consciousness and frequency and to awaken your higher self to your gifts and cosmic lineage, it’s what you came here to do.

We as starseeds have much work to do, rather than to be in a fantasy and ignore Earth and thinking our mother ship will return to take us back home.

Earth is our home and our starseed mission.