The universal ascension process is a foundational process of the universe. Some might call it a purpose of the universe, though this would be an oversimplification.

In essence, the universal ascension process describes the division and unification of consciousness over the lifespan of the universe.


The process begins with the Source, the highest level of consciousness from which all consciousness is derived. The Source embodies the oneness of consciousness in the universe and permeates through it.

Then division begins.

The Source consciousness splits in a tree-like structure, birthing many children one level of consciousness below itself.

In turn, each of these children splits in much the same way, creating more children. This process continues until the final level of consciousness is created.

This level of consciousness operates at a frequency close enough to the physical plane that each individual consciousness can inhabit a body. We know this as either the Soul or the Self.


But why would the Self-create a physical body to inhabit? The answer is simple.

The experience of life on the physical plane is like nothing else in the multidimensional universe.

It offers the unique opportunity for formative experiences that contribute to spiritual evolution. The Self consciousness is the conduit through which the universe discovers itself.

Each Self-feels discrete and singular, but in truth, it is just a branch on the tree of consciousness, the endpoint on a branch that leads upwards through the dimensions of consciousness all the way to the Source.

And every one of us exists on that endpoint, as an expression of the Source on the physical plane.


As soon as Division has finished, the process of Unification begins. Unification.

Put simply, is the process by which each consciousness ascends, through enlightenment, to attune its frequency to its parent consciousness.

When the children of consciousness have all attuned to it and unified with it, that consciousness begins its own process of attunement and unification with its parent, and so on until all consciousness is once again attuned to and unified with the Source.

At this point, the process has finished its iteration. The Source has learned about itself and undergone spiritual evolution.

Universal Ascension

Together, these two processes of division and unification form the universal ascension process.

And it is a process that the Source has undergone many, many times. And it will endure this process many, many times more.

With each iteration, the Source assimilates the experiences and transformations of the entire tree it created during division and uses this to expand itself and its own understanding of its own existence.

So what can we learn from the universal ascension process?

We learn that the Self is an illusion if understood through collective wisdom. We are not really individual selves, but actually a small part of one consciousness.

The Source. We are all, in a very real sense, one consciousness expressed many ways, learning about itself and its existence.

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