Twin flames are two people from the same spiritual energy, split at birth into two mirrored souls.

While they may be comprised of the same energy, they are not identical. Instead, they manifest as mirrors of one another.

The purpose of twin flames is to provide lessons and opportunities for growth. Because our twin flame is borne by the same spirit energy we are, they have the most to teach us about ourselves and our own energies.

Meeting The Twin Flame

There are more than 7 billion of us on the planet, so the chances of us running into our twin flame on the way to the store or while walking in the park is miniscule.

It happens, of course, but it is very rare.

Most of us meet our twin flame for the first time on the astral plane while we dream. Here we are unencumbered by the practical constraints of distance, language and society.

Our twin flame may be in a village in Cambodia, in a bustling European city, or they may live three doors down the street.

But on the astral plane that we access while we dream, location on the physical plane means nothing. After all, we are all just energy.

When we meet our twin flame, we enter into an exciting, scary and tumultuous period of our life, where we experience significant changes and begin our journey to the higher dimensions, towards original energy, light and inner peace.

Twin Flame Ascension

The process of twin flame ascension begins when we first meet our twin flame, whether that occurs on the physical or astral plane.

This process is one of cleansing and upheaval and cannot be entered in to alone. This is why we have our twin flame – a partner for this all-important journey.

The goal? To bring our twin flames together and ignite as one, realising and reconnecting with our eternal soul so that we may achieve inner peace and hold the light within us.

As you might imagine, a goal so important and challenging is not achieved overnight.

But in essence, if not in practice, ascending with our twin flame is relatively simple.

Although we comprise of the same energies, since splitting at our soul’s birth we have undergone the challenges and experiences of life on the physical plane, and we necessarily pick up some baggage.

We must shed our baggage and cleanse our energies if we are to ascend with our twin flame.

And this is what is so transformative and, at times, painful about twin flame ascension.

To cleanse ourselves of old wounds and emotional baggage we must experience them again. This process of examining our energies and purging them must be mutual so that when it is done our energies and the energies of our twin flame are once again mirrored and pure.

It is then, and only then that we can ascend to the higher plane, where we may ignite within us the light that shines through all eternity.