What makes a man emotionally unavailable? The stubbornness of an emotionally unavailable man destroys relationships. If you’re reading this, you’re most certainly dating a man who is reserved, cold and apathetic.

You must have tried your very best to make him express his past, but I’m pretty sure all your attempts have gone to waste.

At times, he might even refuse to acknowledge your presence in a desperate attempt to keep his emotional defences intact. And you’re the one left to writhe in an incomprehensible situation.

You’re practically out of wits. If you have no clue as to what do with such an enigmatic personality, put your reading glasses on.

We’re going to outline each and every reason of what makes a man emotionally unavailable.

What Makes A Man Emotionally Unavailable?

Abusive parents or manipulative friends

If anyone ever asks me what makes a man emotionally unavailable? I’ll always elucidate this cause to him/her first.

Our childhoods have a dire effect on our personalities. They leave permanent imprints on us.

If someone you’re in love with has grown in the presence of a weak role model, there is a resounding possibility that he will grow up to be an emotional trainwreck.

He might follow the destructive patterns of an abusive parent or a manipulative friend. This would diminish his ability to process emotions.

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Dysfunctional families always try to control children. In our society, when tragedy strikes a man, the father steps up and tell his kid that it’s obligatory for a man to stay strong.

Because of this, he suppresses his emotions, instead of expressing them. This habit gradually transforms into a permanent feature of his personality.


We all know that human societies do not entertain emotional weakness. Everyone has taken the concept of “Survival of the fittest” way too seriously. It has made us inconsiderate.

Sometimes, we forget that we’re not in the wilderness competing for resources, but living breathing humans possessed with exceptional powers of empathy.

Bullying takes the lives of so many children around the globe. And those who do survive its excruciating grip are left with permanent scars.

They become so numb that even tears refuse to come out of their eyes. Many men undergo such traumatic experiences in social settings. That is why they have such utter distaste for emotional vulnerability.


Often, men are labeled as wusses for expressing their emotions. So, ask yourself, why would anyone in their right mind trust anyone with his emotions if he is treated in this crude manner? Of course, he won’t.

Excessive labeling, such as “pussy”, “wanker” has forced men to retreat into their shells. They expect these kinds of negative responses from everyone around them. They have been conditioned to do so!

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Tragic experiences

The death of a beloved family member or unrequited love is one the major causes of emotional unavailability in men.

It makes them presumptuous. It makes them believe that getting close to someone is going to end up badly.

They know what it’s like to be left alone with the pain and memories of someone that got away. They are also one of the big reasons for what makes a man emotionally unavailable.

What makes a man emotionally unavailable? All of these reasons! Sometimes, one factor is contributory, while other times, an intermixing of these causes leads to their emotional suppression.