What Happens In A Relationship That Does Not Last

A lot of people might think they know all there is to know about themselves.

Most people would go so far as to claim that they know other people too.


Therefore, they know all there is to know about relationships.

However, that is where we are wrong. 90% of the people who have gone through a divorce or a breakup can relate to the fact that things are never what they seem.

There are some common stages in every relationship that can be identified and observed to come to a logical conclusion.

We often perceive things most destructively.


Let us have a look at the most general phases of a relationship that take a toll on almost everyone.


The Three Stages Of A Relationship Doomed

The Infatuation

Most people are always looking for love at first sight.

So much so that in fact, they can’t wait for the first person to make eye contact with them to start thinking about them seriously.

Sure, there are possibilities that this could be your perfect one, but the chances of that happening are very slim.

Do not to get your hopes up; you may be disappointed. However, we all helplessly fall for people all the time and end up expecting a lot out of something that isn’t what we are thinking it to be.

Many destructive relationships face this fundamental beginning where we exaggerate the little things and associate dreams with visions of a happy future.

The Revelations

Once you get through the part where everything fires up, and you are madly in each other’s arms all the time, you get to the serious part of the relationship.

You start to think about what your relationship is going to be like for you both.

It is at this point where professional choices, family backgrounds, moral preferences, and lifestyle choices reveal themselves.

Most people realize at this point that complications have been surrounding them for a long time and it’s hard to see past all of this.

At some point, all the beautiful little flaws start becoming irritating nuisances.

The reason for this is because people do not really consider the type of person their partner really is.

Instead, we all focus on the versions of our partners we have made up in our minds.

This is the time people start doubting each other, calling professionals to catch a cheater and joking on each other’s alibis.

The Aftermath

Once the reality collides with the imaginations we have made in our heads, things start to fall apart.


This is where couples realize that they are entirely different beings that honestly do not belong together.

Couples decide to break things up, and married people start seeking divorce counsellors and couple therapy that seldom works.

You can’t fix what you never had. However, you do not have to consider this as a failure or the end to your love life.

All experiences are always making you more familiar with yourself.

You get to know a lot about the kind of person you are, the kind of things you love and can tolerate.


It is always easy if you consider how huge a place the world is and the number of individuals out there who might be perfect for you.

You can still be sure that there are better people out there and that life is too short to be stuck on just one wrong person.

So, don’t lose hope, and don’t give in to your sadness.

Guest Post By Talha A. Khan  Insta: halal_batman Gravatar: talhakhan94

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