What To Do When Twin Flame Runs?

What to do when twin flame runs? Your twin flame, literally your other half. Some call it soulmates, you know the one who you call your life partner.

Because of the intensity. Your other half may run because of the heightened spiritual connection. But there are other possibilities too.

Why did my twin flame run?

The twin flame connection is a spiritual connection. You are either ready or not. When you have ego attachments to this world, it’s difficult to see through the illusion.

It’s possible you may not see this relationship working. Because you have never experienced anything like it before.

So what to do when twin flame runs?

No matter what the situation, and why they have run from you. Whether they are not going to commit to the relationship because they are still trapped in a 3d relationship.

The best solution is to not worry about it. Tune into 5d energy. You are twin flames and merged as soul. Nothing will ever change this.

Not many of us get to experience life on earth. Much of your cosmic self is in the higher dimensions.

You and your twin flame are in that higher dimension too. You can tap into that reality anytime you want. It is far more real than anything you experience on earth.

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You can try this now. Focus and imagine you are heading up to soul level. Imagine you and your twin flame in a blissful union. Imagine the colours, whether its blue or gold. Let your soul be the guide. Feel it and let it manifest into reality.

Whenever you like, you can hang out there and experience the bliss. This experience you are feeling is yours.

This concludes the question ”what to do when twin flame runs”

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