What Was I in My Past Life? Fun Past Life Quiz

What was I in my past life ? You may have some recollection of your past life, past life memories are triggered by sight, smell and sound. You should know that your soul never dies, your body may die and rot away but your soul is placed into a new incarnation.What Was I in My Past Life

There are many debate on this, as some say you get reincarnated many times over until you have learned all the lessons of karma then you move onto The Source. Then there are those who believe you are reincarnated into many things, like a tree, organism, ant or a dog. What do you think ?


According to research by many past life psychiatrist, our human subconscious always keeps some memories of our past life. Nevertheless only 0.3 percent of individuals can bring back their memories. When you answer these question in our quiz, you are in fact using your subconscious which keeps record of your past.

Take your time to answer the Past life Quiz

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