What Your Eyes Can Reveal About You (Amazing Secret)

Your eyes are the windows to the soul…what’s helped me along my journey to become my greatest version, is total body awareness. Where you move into your body 100% in the here and now. your-eye-colourr

There was a psychologist called Hess, who talked about when we are thinking hard, our pupils dilate. So whenever I am thinking too hard I even observe this within myself, I pick up on subtle movements my pupil is making. If I were to ask you a very easy question, what colour is the grass? You might say green but if I were to ask you name 10 books on rocket science, in that moment your pupil would expand as your thinking. That is an indication the brain, the mind is thinking hard.


Another psychologist noticed something very interesting. He said that when the mind is overloaded, the pupils constrict, see if you can observe this within yourself when you are going through a lot of stress. When things become too overwhelming, when life seems hard notice what you are doing with your eyes. What are your pupils revealing to you, because he found when the brain becomes overloaded the pupils constrict.


Meeting Someone For the First Time.

When we meet someone for the first time, we are really excited about this new interaction, this conversation. What do we even say as a figure of speech? Our eyes light up and the pupils dilate. Psychologist talked about when someone is holding your interest the pupils dilate. The psychologist read extracts to some people from three different books. One about eroticism, meditation and one book which was neutral. At first all of their eyes dilated a little bit because they were excited. Then he noted down their eyes only remained dilated if they were interested in what he was reading about.

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So when we observe within ourselves when we are around people, you should see what’s going on within your pupils, your eye movements. When someone is holding your interest, your eyes will be slightly wider.


Psychologist Hess also showed images which were shocking, at first their pupils dilated then they constricted because they didn’t want to see the shocking images. So in becoming your greatest versions, ask yourself are there things I don’t want to see right now in my life, are there people I don’t want to see. Feel your internal state and see all of the muscles in your eyes, what are your pupils doing? Most likely they are going to be constricting. So becoming aware of your eyes and your pupils it can help us become our greatest versions. When we are sexually aroused and stimulated our pupils dilate, the same is true for when we are attracted to someone and our pupils constrict when we are not attracted them

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