Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning – Unavoidable Cycles

The Wheel Of Fortune tarot card has the following meaning:

  • Upright – Good fortune, karma, cycles, fate, pivotal moments.
  • Reversed – Bad fortune, resisting change, breaking the cycle.
  • Its element is Fire, and its planet is Jupiter.

Wheel Of Fortune Depiction

This card displays a revolving wheel typically, around the edge of which is the word ROTA, which is Latin for “wheel.”


The words TORA and TAROT also appear within the same letter cycle, the former being a version of “Torah,” meaning “law.”

The wheel represents the cycles of life. In the card’s corners, there are four-winged creatures, each representing one of the four elements (or suits) of the Minor Arcana.

Wheel Of Fortune: Upright Meaning

This card represents the wheel of life and the fact that it is always turning.

This wheel is symbolic of the constant state of flux that we find ourselves in as a consequence of living in a chaotic world.

If where you are right now is less than ideal, then be comforted by the fact that things rarely stay the same for long and good luck will eventually return to you.


On the other hand, if the going is good right now, then you need to make peace with the fact that this, too, shall come to an end.

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Acknowledging the cycles of life allows you to make the most of the ups and prepares you for the downs.

The card also represents karma and karmic law. Karmic Law relates to ideas of reaping what you sow and being the change you want to see in the world.

When you treat others with kindness, respect, and good will, they will treat you the same way.

Not only that, but others will treat you that way too – and as they treat you well, others will treat them well.

Karma spreads quickly, both good and bad, so ensure for your own sake and the sake of others that you are spreading only good karma.

Overall, factors outside of your control are playing into your current situation.

It might be challenging to let go and surrender to fate, but part of life is playing the hand dealt.

Wheel Of Fortune: Reversed Meaning

In its reversed state, the Wheel Of Fortune tarot card is symbolic of bad luck. A spate of bad luck is coming your way, and you need to prepare for it.


Its secondary meaning relates to the breaking of cycles. While cycles are natural, you can break a bad cycle through intent and willpower.

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It can also represent resistance to change. It can be good or bad, as resisting change is often futile, but it can help you to shape the change you want to see.

By being proactive about this card, you can take control of your situation – but while doing so, you should also be aware that you will never have total control.

Sometimes we have to give it up to chance.

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