When a Man Says You Are His Soulmate

When a man says you are his soulmate? Every relationship goes through three stages. In the first stage, you will think the person you are in a relationship with is perfect. You will overlook all of their flaws, and you will ignore any differences there might be between you and your partner.

This stage lasts for about 3 months.

The Second Stage

During the second stage, the rose-tinted glasses finally come off. You will begin to see that there are more differences than similarities between you and your partner.

You will begin to doubt your feelings for your partner, and you will realise that most of the things you initially thought about them are incorrect.

The Third Stage

Most relationships fall apart before they can make it to this stage.

Most of the time, the relationship ends during the second stage. When the person realises that their partner isn’t the perfect being they imagined them to be during the first stage.

If you successfully pass through the second stage. You will learn to respect your partner’s individuality. The both of you will love each other for who you are, despite all of your flaws.

Signs that he is Your Soul Mate

If the person you love calls you his soul mate during the first stage of your relationship, then the chances are that he doesn’t mean it.

If, however, he calls you his soul mate during the third stage, then he probably does mean it and you two are meant for each other and are destined to be in each other’s’ lives forever.

There are lots of signs that can tell you if the person you are with really is your soul mate.

A soul mate is someone who chooses to love you despite being aware of all of your flaws. Someone who doesn’t hide any secrets from you and understands all your quirks and your habits that other people would call weird or unusual.

With your soul mate, you know both of you are fully committed to each other, and nothing can get in the way of your relationship.

You can easily communicate with each other. They are the only person who can help you relax and feel better when you are sad or upset.

A soul mate is someone who tends to make you feel complete. When you meet your soul mate, you won’t have to doubt your feelings for them. No matter how many times you fight and argue with them, they will never leave you.

Are they your Soul Mate?

A person who has only known you for 2 or 3 months wouldn’t know a lot about you. Which is why you can’t trust them when they call you their soul mate.

But if your relationship has successfully passed through the first two stages, then it’s safe to say that you two really are each other’s’ soul mates.

When a man says you are his soulmate, it shows that you are the most important part of his life.

It means that he believes that you two are meant to help each other grow spiritually and that he wants you to stay in his life forever.

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