When friendship between two people soars high ―nothing can decline it. When we talk about chemistry between friends, what do we mean?

Is it just a bunch of chemical reactions happening inside your body―when we’re around someone― or is it much more than that?

Although you and your friend have different personalities and have undergone different life experiences that have shaped you into distinct individuals― you feel as if you’re blended together in just the right proportions.

You think that even if you have contrasting beliefs and thought patterns, you can be yourself around your best friend.

You know that even if you voice your controversial ideas or provocative thoughts, your friend will still accept you with an open heart.

You feel an air of familiarity and calmness whenever you’re around them. In a nutshell, your friend compliments you. This fantastic chemistry between friends can bring them closer to each other even if they’re miles apart.

People misconceive that friends are not lovers. Even if their relationship is platonic, it’s still a relationship abound by affection and love.

Their relationship is even purer than most sexual relationships because it does not contain the element of lust. And that is why; the chemistry between two friends is stronger than two romantic lovers.

Here are signs of chemistry between two friends

You feel at home

If you’re in the company of your friend and you feel safe and secure around them, then you have insane chemistry with them.

Most of us, in this superficial day and age, retire from social gatherings because we deem ourselves, misfits.

But, fortunately, out of the blue, we find someone who we can spend endless hours with, without feeling anxious or nervy.

If you have someone like that in your life, then hold on to them tightly because the connection you share with them is once in a lifetime thing.

You can share anything between the two of you

If there is someone in your life, which you can share your deepest secrets and emotions ― without feeling emotionally vulnerable ― then you have divine chemistry with them.

You’re so strong out in the world, but when you’re with them, you don’t hesitate to break down and plead for their emotional support.

They don’t make you feel ashamed or lost. Quite to the contrary, they provide a warm shoulder for you to cry on.

You’re original and not a fake mantelpiece when you’re around each other

If you showcase your originality in front of your friend effortlessly and they do the same, then you both are under the bewildering spell of an intangible chemistry.

Whenever you’re around others, you hesitate to show your real talents, but when you’re around that one special friend of yours, you can’t control yourself.

You laugh without any restrictions. When you’re just “YOU” around a friend, and they exhibit the same behaviour, then you‘re both magnetically bound to each other.

The chemistry between two friends is a unique thing. It keeps them close and connected and provides them with utmost happiness.

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