The twin flame relationship is an intense, tumultuous and – at times – a painful connection. At the same time, however, it is an incredibly important relationship that is central to our spiritual journey.

This intersection of difficulty and importance can make many parts of the twin flame relationship difficult both to understand and to navigate happily.

It is especially the case when our twin flame goes silent on us.

There are many reasons our twin flame might cut off communications with us. The nature and purpose of the relationship means that we rarely get to know the reason until much later.

Karmic Lessons

One of the most essential purposes of the twin flame relationship is to provide karmic lessons to both twins.

And some of those lessons, unfortunately, require separation.

When our twin flame feels the need to create physical or emotional distance between the two of you, the most likely reason for this is their intuition telling them that you need to be apart.

The intuition we have is a spiritual sense of things – our spirit guides often speak to us through our intuition.

So it is likely that our twin flame has received spiritual guidance through their intuition that the two of us need to be apart for the next batch of karmic lessons.


Some of these lessons only require separation from our twin flame.

This time can be painful. Do not worry – that is perfectly natural. The pain is a part of the lesson, something we need to experience to progress along our spiritual journey.

That might not be much comfort while we are experiencing it, but in time we will learn the lesson and see it for what it is – necessary and transformative.

So at a time of separation from our twin flame, the best thing we can do is allow them the space to work on their spiritual progress and at the same time concentrate on our own journey.

It is a time for meditation, contemplation and affirmation.

We should clear our energies, tend to our auras and keep our chakras activated and in balance.

We should listen to our spirit guides and try to heed their advice.

Even when it gets difficult, even when we feel lonely and heartbroken and betrayed by the universe, we need to keep working on ourselves.

And when we are both done with our spiritual healing, when we have learned our karmic lessons and undergone the necessary transformations, we can reunite with our twin flame.


And that is the beauty of the twin flame relationship – it is eternal. We reunite, always. That is the nature of it, and it is destiny.

And this might not be a permanent reunion. There might be further periods of silence, where our twin flame pulls back and stops communicating with us all over again.

It may even be the other way around.

But that is fine. Painful, but fine.

All we need to remember is to take the opportunity, during separation, to enhance our spiritual selves and transform ourselves towards the people we need to be.