You may have many similarities with them, but twin Flames are opposites.

You have probably heard the notion that opposites attract. With twin flames, this is likely the case.

Everyone expects that their twin flame would be just like them. To have the same personality and character attributes.

This scenario is built up in our head and heart. Linking twin flames with the idea of identical twins.

You might like the same topics, taste in music or your hobbies might be similar. There are many similarities and differences too.

If twin flames are opposites then it’s bad?

Being opposites won’t lead to conflicts. After all the twin flame relationship is a partnership.

You may like something about them which you know nothing about. It’s about appreciating each other’s traits.

There will be similarities too. I have met twin flame couples who are very similar and yet different also.

Shared life experiences

You may complement each other on an energetic level, or share life experiences. There may be few quirks here and there that you both share.

You and your twin flame are unique. There will be parts of them that are entirely opposite. You and your twin flames individualities are the strengths that will make your relationship stronger.

It will help balance out the relationship as long as the ego is transcended.

When is the twin flame opposites polarity more apparent?

You may have noticed this during the runner/chaser phase. First, you were chasing your twin flame. Then the energy shifts and you were running from them.

Does this answer your question that twin flames are opposites? What has been your experience meeting your twin flame? Are they different from you or very similar to you?