In our world we have two types of Love. Divine love and conditional love .The main difference is that our human love is conditional, and while the spiritual love or divine love is eternal in nature, another aspect of conditional love is that it’s limited in nature. Often in our personal human love, there are certain aspects which are expected, which are all based on conditions or it all seems to be based on states of materialistic and self-centered desires.


Divine Love can’t be recognized this way. These conditions will be temporary and will change. If the love we feel is based on physical human states, then it’s has to change and this love is always temporary, as a person can be in several romantic relationships, one day they may realize their partner can not fulfill their every need and desire.twin souls love 1

When twin souls love is unconditional

You can be assured you will be allowed balance for you to grow, whenever unconditional love is the root of a connection. Unconditional love could be very similar to the root of a tree. In our romantic relationships whenever spiritual or divine love is present, by allowing partners to grow like a tree and just like a tree the two may merge together as one.

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There’s usually a great lesson to be learned whenever conditional love is present in our relationships.


Twin souls love emanates to a higher frequency Learning through soul mates

That’s where our soul mates give us a wonderful chance. By allowing us to seeing through the lens of ego, when one desires unconditional love they may resist this condition and at this point the relationship will often come to an end. We often get another chance to exercise the unconditional love .


If one feels they have really awakened to divine/cosmic and limitless love, then this allows them to actively know the deeper meaning of it and we know and realize that everyone and everything in our reality is just the very expression of our eternal universe.

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