When twin souls meet, the connection is much more intense than the connection between soulmates.

They are called twin souls because they are from the essence of divine spark itself. Twin souls are also soulmates, but not every soulmate are twin souls.

Many seek their twin soul and lose themselves, we should not but rather work on our self.

Your focus should be healing your heart, soul, and body, working on your spiritual self allows your soul to heal and in due time a link between you and your twin soul will manifest.

When you meet your twin soul it will be coincidental, and you will both be ready to begin your work together. When twin souls meet it’s just divine.

Twin souls just don’t meet by chance, but rather this sacred union happens because there is a mission to fulfill together.

Twin soul’s increased emotions, feelings, and awareness tend to be intensified for a reason.

The pure love, energy, and passion of twin souls are more intense than human levels, this increased awareness allows them to fulfill their joint mission.

When twin souls meet, their mission is never small, but rather very grand.

If you had the privilege of uniting with your twin soul and you are both on your journey of completing this mission together, as twin souls you both will impact this world and even the cosmos.

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When twin souls meet on earth, it was by no means simple.

It was never simple for twin souls on Earth. Being born in this world with amnesia, twin souls have to find out why they would feel a strong emotional, physical, and spiritual connection.

Even with immense spiritual awakening, they forget who they are.

If twin souls did know who they are, but many still don’t accomplish their mission because they don’t recognize they have one.

Luckily there are some twin souls waking up and recognizing who they are and why they are here.

How will I recognize my twin soul?twin souls meet 1

You will know who your twin soul is because you will sense love beyond anything you have imagined before.

You will go through a heightened inner awakening, all your chakras will activate, this is known as a kundalini awakening.

You are not here to form a relationship with your twin soul but rather a complete union to complete your mission on Earth.


Being in a twin soul union is not for fainthearted. When twin souls join together in union, they encounter many difficult challenges.

Although they are very compatible soul wise, they tend to find themselves in unique circumstances. They may have gaps in age or come from different cultures.

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Twin souls are here to redo the template for relationships here on Earth.

They join together in union to break down old social patterns and belief systems, to restore the planet to peace, harmony, unconditional love, and balance.