When two souls are meant to be together? When two souls are meant to be together, nothing can come in their way. Not only are their destinies aligned but their romance is also backed by the unparalleled support of the universe.

They always cross each other’s path, despite what is going on in their lives. In a whorehouse of fleeting romances, they’re the permanence.

They might have unresolved emotional conflicts or personal battles encroaching their busy lives but these troublesome times only become an excuse for them to come together.

Love is a magical experience when it’s true. Not only does it promise you crazy adventures with your destined soul-mate, but it also makes you believe in the concept of never-ending love.

Do you have someone you’re madly in love with? Do you want to be certain about their place in your life? Well then read along.

You are accepted without terms and conditions

You are able to showcase your originality without any hesitation. Humans are free-spirited beings who thrive in a liberating environment.

They are able to spiritually and emotionally evolve under the presence of someone who accepts them with all their flaws and imperfections.

If you’re with someone who is a source of strength at times of emotional vulnerability, then you’re as fortunate as one can be.

Hold on to them tightly because they have vowed to spend an eternity with you. That’s why they are willing to accept you, fully aware that the waves of time can shape you into a completely different person.

Not only do they love you for who you are, but for what you can become in the not-so-distant future.

Words come easily to you

Communication holds paramount importance in every relationship. But what’s the difference between communicating with a temporary partner and a soul mate? Spontaneity!

In your soul mate’s presence, your mind bubble’s with ideas.

You convey your emotions to them, without breaking a sweat. Normal conversations turn into erudite debates and silence is seductive.

Such is the power of being with someone who is your meant to be!

Your soul-mate acknowledges your freedom

Humans aren’t supposed to be possessed. No one can put a price on the sanctity of human life. Once in a blue moon, a person comes in our life and shatters our bigoted perceptions about love, imparted by this stereotypical society.

Such a person makes us understand that love is not about jealousy or possessing.

It’s about letting a person wander in the wilderness and giving them the option to come back when they feel out of sorts or unsafe.

It’s about creating a home in you for people who truly deserve it. When you have someone in your life that makes you feel just like that, affix an anchor of love to their feet and always keep them at bay.

When two souls are meant to be together, the whole universe conspires in keeping them together.

All they need to do is never stop believing in each other’s love. No matter what the circumstances are, they should never give in to the misguiding shadows of scepticism and disbelief.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.