In our time in this life, we experience many, many relationships. Friends, family, coworkers, lovers – these are the human connections we forge, and they are important.

It is through relationships with other beings that we learn the lessons of this life and evolve towards enlightenment.

But the connection of two souls on the spiritual level is a rarer and a more karmic relationship.

The human connections are incidental, a product of free will on the physical plane.

They are important because they provide the unique experience the soul needs to learn about itself – they help us to populate our experiences on the soul journey.

But soul connections are not incidental. Soul connections, with a Twin Flame or a Soulmate, exist outside the confines of our short lifetimes.

They are part of our destiny. We owe them a debt, and they owe us, as agreed in the soul contracts that link us outside of the physical plane.

When two souls connect, it is because it is meant to be. It always was.

Meant To Be

The problem is with the phrase: “Meant to be”. It is as close as we can get to describing the will of destiny with language, but it causes confusion.

Soul connections are meant to be. But we have no accurate way of knowing what it is meant to be, or when it is meant to be.

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This can lead to tremendous pain when we feel a soul connection with somebody.

When our two souls connect, we experience a robust and undeniable feeling of destiny, that this relationship was always meant to be, that it is intrinsic to our soul and the universe that our two souls should be connected.

The other soul, for reasons inherent to them and unique to their awareness, may not feel the same way.

But if it is a soul connection, it is meant to be. Perhaps it just is not intended to be right now.

Separate Journeys

Two souls do not necessarily, or even usually, share the same path. We are all on different journeys, and we have all learned different lessons.

This is a part of the process of life on Earth. Soul connections are a part of this journey.

And just as we cannot choose where the road forks, we cannot choose where these connections happen.

We naturally move forward in our soul journey and keep our eyes open for these connections.

When a soul connection is established, it may be because the link is meant to be right now.

But it may also be a glimpse of a relationship that you must prepare for, like a signpost on life’s road.

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Soul connections are meant to be. What they are meant to be, where and when they happen, these are destined and rarely accessible too far in advance.

We must work to maintain these soul connections for the sole reason that destiny is telling us the lessons we must learn. Patience will reveal these lessons as we learn them.

And if our two souls are meant to connect with love and partnership, we must only wait for destiny to deliver it.

What we cannot do is halt our progress on our soul journey.

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