Soulmates are people whose souls belong to the same soul group.

This means, in essence, that the souls of two soulmates are more innately connected and attuned with each other due to their close relationship in what is often described as the “tree of consciousness”.

We can think of soulmates as belonging to the same soul family or soul tribe.

Therefore, soulmates share spiritual connections that are stronger than most spiritual connections we will make in our lifetime – only twin flames share a stronger spiritual bond.

It is through this intense spiritual connection that we can experience the emotions of our soulmate.

When You Are Feeling Your Soulmates Emotions

Luckily, this is not a constant emotional connection – if it were, we would not only have to deal with our own emotional lives in full but also the entire emotional lives of all of our possible soulmates. That would be difficult to handle, to say the least.

So when do we experience our soulmate’s emotions?

Strong Emotions

When our soulmate experiences a powerful emotional response to any situation or thought, the high energy vibrations that are evoked within them can overflow and pass to us via the spiritual connection we share.

Often, when our soulmate experiences intense feelings of grief, loss or heartbreak, we are made privy to those via this connection.

Of course, we also experience strong positive emotions such as love, joy and excitement – but unfortunately, we tend to experience the negative emotions more readily as our soulmate is unconsciously seeking help or comfort from their soul family.

Experiencing strong emotions, either positive or negative, without any apparent reason for doing so may point to those feelings originating with a soulmate.

Related Emotions

Another way we might experience emotions originating within our soulmate is if those emotions are directly related to us.

For instance, if our soulmate thinks about us and has an emotional response to that thought, that emotional response can travel along the spiritual connection and be delivered to us.

A telltale sign that the emotional response we have unexpectedly received is directly related to us as if the emotions are less intense but much more apparent to us.

We should listen to intuition in this case as our intuition is often far better at recognising this kind of emotion than our analytical minds are.

Meditative Empathy

We can also intentionally tap into the emotions of a soulmate through the use of meditation.

Often we do this as a response to the kind of emotional reactions noted above. We receive an unexpected emotional response and feel almost obligated to reach out spiritually to our soulmate.

If we want to tap into the emotional state of our soulmate – and we should be sure we are spiritually and emotionally stable enough to take on the emotional baggage of another person before doing so – then we should practice meditation with mantras and affirmations that relate to the soulmate connection we share.

Most often, we will use our soulmate’s name.

To conclude, it should be noted that this connection works both ways. Therefore, soulmates have an obligation to each other to do their best to maintain their spiritual and emotional health.

Often, the best thing to do when you experience negative emotions from your soulmate in this way is just to ask your spirit guides to help your soulmate.