The chaser and the runner dilemma, brooding memories of the past, fears, scars, emotional traumas and many other difficulties hit the twin flame relationship like a truck.

Twin flames are destined for each other before they’re even born. But destiny demands pain and trial. It never grants you what the universe has kept in store for you, without inflicting a fair share of atrocities.

To be worthy of your twin flame, you must first possess the attributes to sustain a twin flame relationship. That is why twin flame relationships drain the life out of you, before resurrecting you, and relinquishing negative energies.

There’s no easy way out. Everyone has to face the harshness that awaits them in a twin flame union before they can indeed become one with their fate. Twin flame difficulties arise because of reason.

Let’s explore these difficulties to understand them better.

Deeply affected by words and actions

Twin flames have a profound connection, one that has developed and strengthened over a period of many lives. That is why they’re both deeply affected by each other’s actions and words.

If your twin flame slightly hurts you, it can create a chaotic mess inside your head. If it were another person, it wouldn’t have even mattered.

But everything is amplified when it comes to a twin flame relationship because of this deep bond that they share.

Expecting perfection

Expectations are the demise of human spirits. Even though we are well aware no human can truly fulfil our expectations, we still have a small corner in our heart that craves perfection.

We consider our twin flame a divine being, one that is unlike any human we’ve ever met in our lifetime. We start treating him as such.

We forget that he is prone to the same mistakes and shortcomings as normal humans, no matter the intensity of the connection we have with him.

That is why resounding disappointments mark most twin flame relationships.

Spiritual ascension

There are no pressing concerns in healthy relationships. They have little to no effect on our lives, but our twin flame partner is there to initiate the process of spiritual ascension.

He must broaden our spiritual thresholds to transform us into evolved beings.

Spiritual ascension can bring unimaginable grief into your life because, in order to spiritually soar, you must first descend into your demons and subdue them.

The runner ordeal

An irresistible desperation to stay in the company of your twin flame partner develops inside of you.  When one of the twin flames turns in to the runner, his absence eats away your sanity.

You feel a stabbing pain in your soul, and it persists until you reunite with him.

Soul liberation

Twin flames exorcise the negative energies hosting your spiritual beings. You acquire these negative intentions, thoughts, ideas in karmic relationships.

Twin flames liberate you from these sinister malignancies. This requires you to delve into your past and tarnish it, and that is an arduous ordeal.

There is a myriad of twin flame difficulties that demand resolution before a twin flame reunion can take place. Without making amends in your past, you can’t hope for a twin flame relationship to work.

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