When you think of someone constantly? When you think about someone, you transport yourself into their world.

Sometimes, when we miss someone dearly, we tend to think about their little quirks and the fond memories that we’ve made with them.

We also preoccupy our thoughts for someone who threatens us and makes us feel insecure.

People who are in abusive relationships are often depressed or exhibit destructive behaviour because their senses are almost always overstrained with pressures imposed upon them by their partners.

True love is entirely different from the love of contemporary times. It’s not a superficial affair, but a spiritual experience. It’s liberating and mentally exerting.

When you truly love someone, you give them your heart and mind. You never even try to get them out of your head. Even in soliloquy, you never fail to mention their name.

You invariably fantasise about them and try to connect with them somehow, even if they’re miles away from you.

Sometimes, you might even feel as if you’ve developed telepathic powers because when you develop a deep-seated spiritual connection with someone, a psychological tunnel bridges you with your lover.

You might have noticed that sometimes your lover involuntarily feels sad, just because you are feeling that way.

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This is because you share a soul to soul connection with them that transcends human comprehension.

Sometimes, unrequited love makes us feel helpless. In such a hopeless scenario, the only thing we can do to reach out to the person we love is to think about them.

If someone is unwilling to accept your love, the only thing that you can do to balm your wounds is to love their mental projection in your head.

We have to tread carefully and force the thoughts of someone like this out of our minds because such mental tendencies can give rise to obsessive disorders.

Anxiety is a mental disease that plagues the life of many teenagers. Many psychological triggers cause anxiety, and one of these triggers is overthinking.

Overthinking causes explosions inside our head. A brooding future hovers over our heads, whenever we overthink.

We forge scenarios that unsettle your senses and steer us away from mental clarity.

This anxiety, sometimes, springs up, when we’re thinking about someone persistently. Whenever we have a crush on someone, we’re always second guessing their every move.

Will they like our clothes, our demeanour, and our speech? These questions constantly batter our minds and make us feel queasy.

They might also end up creating misunderstandings, and consequently, ruin relationships.

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Thinking about someone can be healthy and detrimental, depending on different factors.

If you’re in an abusive relationship, and you’re letting the destructive behaviour of your partner get to your head, you should take stern steps to get rid of them, in order to give yourself some peace of mind.

On the other hand, if you genuinely love someone, then continually thinking about them will only intensify your love.

When you think of someone, make sure you do it with utmost sincerity and purity, because any faux intent can spell disaster for another person. I hope this answers the question ”when you think of someone constantly”.