Which Famous Witch Are You, According To Your Zodiac

History hasn’t been particularly kind to witches — but fame has.  Love them or hate them, witches are imbedded into history as firmly as the mold in your shower.  They’ve certainly made an impression.  That being said, not unlike mold, they were never really treated with much love.  They were attacked.  Hunted.  Killed.  Where there was a witch, there was death — and not always by her hands.  However innocent or evil they were, they were still human, which means they can still be relatable.  So keep reading to find out which famous witch you are, according to your Zodiac.

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Gemini. You are Marie Laveau. Even during troubling times and bigotry, you walk with your head held high. Because, honestly, to Hell with the haters. In some cases, literally. You’d literally send the haters to Hell if you could — because why not?

Leo. You are Agnes Sampson. You stand your ground, even when the odds are against you, but even you have your limits. Sure, you may end up admitting to worshipping Satan, but only because you can’t stand the torture any longer. All the same, you simply roll with the changes if the changes are inevitable.

Scorpio. You are Malin Matsdotter — and mostly on account of her spite. But can you really blame her? Her own daughters accused her of witchcraft, and when they essentially helped usher her into the flames that would ultimately devour her, she cursed them.

Aquarius. You are Bridget Bishop. Even though you tend to mind your own business, you still end getting up the shaft. Which is some straight up bullsh*t, but it’s not like you have any say in changing that fact. It is what it is, no matter how messed up it may be.

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Aries. You are Kikimora. While most witches who are burned at the stake or what have you go on to burn in Hell for eternity or, you know, just die — you don’t go down so easily. You’re a nasty ol’ witch in spirit form, and you’ll wreak havoc whenever you damn well please, thank you very much.


Cancer. You are Merga Bien. If ever there was someone to lead the march on spite, it’s you. Don’t take it personally. It’s your Zodiac who’s to blame, not you yourself. She was the first witch to ever be burned at the stake — and that’s fitting, since you tend to feel like you’re always the first to get attacked, as well.

Taurus. You are Tituba. You’re someone who just wants to get through life by way of satisfying your aspirations and doing right by others. However, you’re also someone who’s confronted with obstacle after obstacle, sometimes forcing you to sacrifice the things you consider most important to you.

Pisces. You are Mother Shipton. Despite your interest in living an independent life, the world is still relentless in its attack on you. No matter how hard you try, fingers always seem to pointed directly at you. Not everyone can level with people who are “different,” which is precisely what you are.

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Virgo. You are the Witch of Endor. If you’re going to be compared to a witch, you’re going to be compared to one of the more intelligent kind. You’re as practical as you are cryptic, but that’s OK, because anyone who wants to know you ought to earn that right first.

Libra. You are Maret Jonsdotter. Whether or not your reputation precedes you, it makes no difference to your critics. Try though you may, the world always seems like it’s out to get you. You can try your best to keep to yourself, but they rarely ever let go. People love gossip, and sometimes you’re just an easy target.


Capricorn. You are Agnes Waterhouse. This is especially fitting because, just like Agnes, you talk a big game, but when it comes to delivering, you realize that walking the walk isn’t quite as easy as talking the talk. She was all about the Satan life up until the moments before her death, when she begged God for mercy.


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