Have you ever caught yourself looking at the stars for no reason? Ever wondered where your soul could be from?

Have you ever felt that Earth might not be your home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you could be a starseed.


Starseeds or light beings sound very hippyish; however, if you were to find the truth behind our energy signatures, you know that there is some truth. We know that incarnation plays a significant role, as well.

If you are not sure, then take this starseeds quiz.

Which gemstone most appeals to your spiritual nature?

Which dominant personality traits best describe you?

Which recreational activities most appeal to you?

Which profession/career most appeals to you?

Which of the following words has the most emotional affect on you?

Which color combination has the most emotional affect on you?

Which culture are you most instinctively attracted to?

Which gift to Humanity do you feel has been the most to its’ emotional well being?

How would you describe your normal work practices?

Which traits do you most dislike in others?

If you had to change the color of the sky, which color combination would you choose?

Which flower best describes your personality?

Which type of movie are you most likely to go out and pay to see?

When a problem presents itself, which way do you respond?

Which famous person do you most admire?

Which of these statements do you most commonly say?